Thailand is an amazing country and I am sure you heard so many things about it, amazing beaches, great pad thais and curries, but there are also a lot of things no one tells you about or are not as famous or glamorous but still it is interesting to know so you are aware what to expect when visiting Thailand and funny facts about it. Here is my list of 10 things you need to know about Thailand

The King and his family: almost Gods

When we first landed in Bangkok we were so surprised about the King and his family, they are treated like Gods almost. We went to the cinema and the king's song started playing (yep, he has a song), everyone stood up so did we and until the song stopped we stood up there. This is one of the interesting things about different countries some things cannot be bought, like that moment.

Royal Family

Royal Family

Spicy food

Oh yes!! Forget about this food called "spicy" in your home country, spicy has a whole new level in Thailand. Non spicy it is spicy for us. I love Thai food in Barcelona and I can tell you thai food is not the same back home than in Thailand, but anyway is very good!!

Just take into account that anything called spicy will be not edible for you at least the first week, as everything... you get used to it.

Papaya salad: spicy as hell

Papaya salad: spicy as hell

Bargain, bargain and more bargain

Bargain but in a nice way, don't take my wrong but I hated Marrakech bargaining, Istanbul bargaining was more or less and Thai bargaining was ok. I don't like bargaining, it is so tiring for me but thai people were very nice at all times that you get used to it.

Interesting facts about Thailand:

Gambling is forbidden. I didn't know, I found out when going to the golden triangle as it is were the country touches Laos and other countries so it is full of casinos. This way, thais can spend the day in a casino crossing the border.

The thai language: 32 vowels and 44 consonants. Not easy, uh? It is very difficult the pronunciation, I only managed to know 3 or 4 sentences, basic stuff like hello, thank you, yes and no...

Orchids: Thailand is the number one exporter in the world. I didn't know before going there, it is a beautiful flower, you will find it all around.

No knives to eat: only spoon and fork: that was something that surprised me a lot, they use the spoon as a knife, but thai food is all cut into little pieces so almost everything can be eaten right away.

Street food with chop sticks

Street food with chop sticks

Sorry guys, no bread in Thailand. I know, wtf? Roger was so sad...but the truth is that I didn't miss it that much...sometimes it is weird, we are so used to eat with bread in Spain that a meal without bread is something unexpected. But there are so many other things to discover!!!

I hope you liked my tour around Thailand and you are know more aware of things that affect the every day life, interesting facts or things that can be useful in your travel to Thailand.

If you know any other that can help travelers, please comment below, we all want to know yours!