People from Barcelona, we are such a weird troupe of people and there are definitely things that only happen here. Sometimes among barcelonins we do undertand each other as the same things happen to all of us. It is funny to think about it and I came up with some 12 things that have happened to you if you live in Barcelona.

  1. Try to avoid as much as possible Passeig de Gràcia change between metro lines. Is the worst one and the longest one.
  2. When you avoid to be stopped to join associations or any other service on the street. Smile and run.
  3. In the biggest place ever you always find someone you know ( Festes de la Mercé, sales etc...)
  4. Watching foreigners buy Mexican hats thinking that is typical and eating frozen paella, poor them
  5. When you manage to park without paying. Big smile.
  6. Trying to get into the metro in the morning and do not die crushed in the window
  7. Sundays: Barcelona is empty and everything closed, it looks like a horror movie and if we want some movement we all go to Maremagnum shopping center, the only one opened on Sundays
  8. Bicing also gives some jokes: getting a broken bike, going to give it back and there is no empty place
  9. We don't like distances, anything that is not reachable by the metro is far far away
  10. We speak something very weird called catañol + english, we are so yanqui fans too. We mix it all and sounds cool anyway.
  11. You are no one in Barcelona if you don't go for brunch, have gyn and tonics, eat cupcakes and do crafts
  12. Everyone does yoga, lindy hop or swing or know someone who does

I am sure you can think of others, if you do, please share it so we can all have a laugh.