We have been planning our route since we bought the tickets, thought of one thing, then thought again and this is our final route for 15 days in Thailand. You can follow our trip on Twitter with the hashtag #twmthailand, we start on 1st June 2013 and we come back to Barcelona on 17th June.

You can see our Thailand travel preparationand our budget for Thailandbefore seeing our route so you are aware of what we are planning to do and what is our kind of travel for these trip.

This is our plan: from 1st June to 17th June

Day 1: Fly from Barcelona to Bangkok

Day 2: Arrive in Bangkok

Day 3-4: Visit Bangkok

Day 5: Fly to Chiang Mai

Day 6: Visit Chiang Mai

Day 7: Cooking Course in Chiang Mai

Day 8: Take a bus to Sukothai

Day 9: Go back to Chiang Mai

Day 10: Fly back to Bangkok

Day 11: Take the bus to Koh Samet

Day 12-13: Koh Samet

Day 14: Go back to Bangkok

Day 15-16: Visit Bangkok

Day 17: Back to Barcelona

Koh Samui

Koh Samui

We were sure we wanted to visit Bangkok and Chiang Mai in the north but we had a bit of trouble to decide our beach destination. We wanted to try a beach destination in Thailand to do some snorkelling and enjoy sunny days. We thought first of the Adamman coast, but then we realized we only had 15 days so it was a lot to travel around and we prefered to go somewhere near Bangkok.

We thought of Hua Hin, but some friends told us that the water is hot and it is not the perfect spot if you look for unspoilt beautiful beaches, the brochure type. So we were recommended to go to Koh Samet, easy to get to from Bangkok by bus and then ferry and also tiny island with beautiful beaches. So we go for it, let's see how it goes.

Travels are full of surprises and things you don't expect so this route might change due to...who knows, we will see, this is part of the adventure. We are very exited for our first trip to Asia and I am sure we will have loads of experiences to tell you about!!

If you have tips or you have been before please drop us a line we will be happy to hear your thoughts and recommendations.