2014 has been an amazing year, and full of discoveries. it has been a last couple of months of quiet around the blog and I wanted to explain why and wish you a great end of the year.

My story starts from the beginning of this year. I have visited new countries and gathered new experiences, we went to Brazil in February, a place that taught me so much about myself, I went there stressed and my body needed to be reunited with the things that really matter.

We lied in a hammock for hours reading books, ate great tropical fruits and ejoyed fresh fish every day, followed by beach days, being alone in the sand in metres and metres of wild beaches.

Smiles, people that survive day by day and are only worried by the now and not worried about other things that in the 1st world are the agenda for your every day life. In Bahia, where I was staying, there is no place for being greedy, feeling stressed, or not being happy. The poorest are the happiest people I have ever seen, I was surrounded by smiles everywhere I went.

When you see that the simpliest of things are what matter the most, you revisit all those things you saw as a must in your life. 2014 has been a year of transformation from inside out clearly.

After my discovery of what matters in Brazil, my travel to New York began, what a different scenario!! When I arrived to New York I was disappointed with what I saw, it was like I had been already there...

Days passed and I started to understand what is so special about New York, it is not the monuments, not Central Park or Manhattan, not NBA or Top of the rock... What is truly unique is that anything is posible...isn't that an amazing thing? Things that would be inimaginable somewhere else, they shape and happen in NYC. My visit empowered me, finding myself in Brazil was something I needed but understanding that I don't need to be ok with what I have, I can change my needs and how I want things. If I suddenly decide I want to focus more on the real things to me, I can do that! I dont need permission to do things I really care about, even if they are not the standard that everyone would support.

I realized that although I love to travel, it is not that basic need I thought I had, and I want to choose more careful where I go and how often. I find out that I am very interested in discovering the surroundings, there are amazing places in Catalonia that I didn't know yet.

So I started my 1 day excursions around Catalonia and I learnt so much about my country, eat well, be home and know different places that belong to my culture and are close to me. Begur, Anoia, MontsenyCosta Brava, L'Ametlla de Mar... amazing places!!


This year has also brought some life changing events...such as the planning of our Wedding!! Yes, we are getting married, this is also an exiting time of discovering how to celebrate and what are really things that matter to us. We didn't want to have the wedding of the year with 200 guests but more our little circle of people that we enjoy having around. When you think about a wedding there are thousand of typical things to do and the do's and dont's socially but when you decide it you still have no idea what you really want.

When I started looking at dresses there were things I thought I wanted but I actually dind't, I am so glad I realized what works for me not only for my passion that is travelling but also in my wedding, and all other aspects of my life. This 2014 was my travel of self discovery and knowing what I really want, Grinberg really helped in starting this journey

This 2015 looks very interesting, the canvas I needed to fulfill my dreams, and put together a plan for next steps.

Happy Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year!!

¿What do you think? Help others with your opinion and experience

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