We all love films, and sometimes we do our travel list through those places we see in the big screen.

Barcelona is an amazing landscape for some movies and you can now visit those following movie walks routes, here you are 5 films and routes to revisit the scenes in the city:

Vicky Cristina Barcelona: Woodie Allen Route

Vicky and Cristina come to Barcelona for a summer holiday. Vicky is about to be married and Cristina is an adventurer. In Barcelona, they start unconventional romantic entanglements with Juan, apainter, who is still involved with his ex-wife. The love between these amazing threesome is something to be discovered.

Manuale d'Amore

Four episodes of love stories that are linked to each other: young couples, old couples, each of them explaining their love situation, marriage, young love, be in love etc..in Barcelona's landscapes.

L'auberge Spagnole

Xavier is a 25-year-old Frenchman who is studying his last year of Economic Science in Barcelona. the story of his Erasmus time in the city full of friends, girls, new experiences, adapt to a new city and culture etc...


Jean-Baptiste Grenouille spends his childhood in orphanages, he is different from other people, he has a lacck of bodily scent. Jean is obsessed with the smell of things, the aroma is one of the things he is good at noticing. He is blessed with an amazing olfactory sense and he starts working in the perfume business. He starts experimenting about capturing the odor of things such as glass and he is particularly interested in women scent. He starts collecting women scents with the objective fo creating a perfume combining red head women body scents. To do that he kills and mutilates the girls to obtain their precious body aroma.

Pedro Almodovar's Barcelona: Todo sobre mi madre

Manuela had a son called Esteban that died in car accident. The same day that Esteban is in the hospital she reads the last lines her son wrote:" I found a stack of photographs cut in half. My father, I suppose". He wanted to meet his dad.

Manuela never told his son who his father was, these last lines from Esteban wake up something on her and she starts looking for Esteban's dad. Esteban's dad doesn't know that he had a son and He also changed his name to Lola...