Benidorm is one of the most touristy cities in Europe. Every year the city recieves travellers around the world. In my opinion it is an incredible place to spend your holidays because the Spanish Costa Blanca it is created to generate hapiness. Also it is near from Guadalest, las fuentes del Algar Javea, Denia, Calpe or Altea (this post is in spanish) . Wonderful places to spend a lovely day.

5 Reasons to visit Benidorm

Weather in Benidorm

1- First of all, for its climate. The weather is wonderful, in summer every day its sunny. When I was living in Ireland every single day I was thinking about my summer trip to come to Benidorm. In this city we can find two main beaches, Levante and Poniente. Levante is more for foreigners and Poniente for locals. ¿Why? Because the big hotels are in the Levante area, and in the Poniente area it's more for hostels and small hotels. I took this picture on the 24th of December... Sunny day!

Playa de Benidorm

Playa de Benidorm


2- The best nightlife in Costa Blanca. The british square it is famous because you can enjoy your time in pubs and discos, the best alcohol prices are in this area. Also, if you are an adult you can go to see Sticky Vicky and her famous show. But If you want to see a great show you should go to Benidorm Palace, here you will find international shows and flamenco entertaiment. The main discos are in Mallorca Street. And... rembember, drink with responsability, why? 1 euro a pint!

Food in Costa Blanca

3- I have been in Benidorm many times. And I will recommend you typical spanish food. Paella its famous but is not the unique one, in my opinion the best one is octopus (Pulpo a la gallega in spanish) For instance you should taste churros con chocolate or horchata con fartons . And if you are in the basque zone (of Benidorm) you should eat the amazing tapas. But don't worry about it, because in Benidorm you will find british & irish restaurants to eat our best food.

Pulpo a la gallega

Pulpo a la gallega

Theme parks in Benidorm

4-As a traveller I have never seen a city like Benidorm. In this ''small'' city you can enjoy different theme parks: Terra Mitica, Aqualandia, Terra Natura or Mundomar. I recommend you to visit them all, but if you are travelling in summer you should go to Aqualandia because it is a water park.

Points of Interest

For me, a must in Benidorm is to visit el Castillo (Benidorm Castle) and the old town “la zona antigua” , this place is incredible because you are in the midle of Poniente and Levante ( the two main beaches) and the skyline. This view is unbeatable . I recommend you to visit when the sunset starts (or if you want to wake up early, when it is raising), the best pics in Benidorm are here.

Another point of interest is to visit La isla de Benidorm (Peacock Island), I just have been one time, in my opinion its enough. Its nice to walk or relax there and eat mediterranean food in the unique restaurants of this island. The boats cost about 14 euros.

Don't forget to visit the markets. Every wednesday and sunday (morning) you will buy cheap clothes in Mercadillo Pueblo, but the best one is called El Rastro del Cisne, where every Saturday-Sunday you can eat Paella + drink for 4, 5 euros and you can buy antiques too.

If you are thinking in visiting Benidorm by plane I recommend you a cheap transfer Benidorm , this private company works with low-cost prices. They will wait for you in the airport, and if you are travelling with 6-7 friends you can travel together in their vans. This is an oficial company its more comfortable and cheaper, definitely much better than expensive taxis. They are a serious and competitive company, her owner, Marga, she is lovely.

Finally, If you are going to visit this city during Saint Patrick's Day, Fallas or Octoberfest remember that you can enjoy these parties there!!!.

san patricks day benidorm

san patricks day benidorm

Have you ever been in Benidorm? What do you think about this city? Just leave a comment here, I will know that you have read me!

Written by Jesús Martínez Reneo

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