When going on holidays we want to feel safe and make sure everything goes as planned. As weird as it might sound I have never been robbed on holidays. It might be a coincidence or that my 5 tips to be followed really pay out. Keep on reading if you want to know what makes a surprise free trip:

  • Go local: this is what I always do. You have more chances to get robbed if you go with private cars, tourist buses and with organized groups. If you use public transport and do what locals do to go around you will not only safe money and enjoy local life but also avoid pickpockets that are in touristy places most of the time

  • Do not show off: when I say do not show off it is a global attitude when travelling. If you have a "super truper" camera depending on where you are, you better not take it out. No jewellery or shiny stuff that can be juicy for thiefs. If you are travelling with someone it is always a good way to prevent to share the values and keep your credit cards stored in different places so in case something happens you still have options.

  • Clothes: I am the hippie kind when travelling and it works, baggy trousers and plain t-shirts: no jewellery at all, no watch, a camera that is little enough to have it in my pocket and not hanging on my neck and dress up in simple clothes, nothing too flashy.

Royal Family

Royal Family

  • Organization and plan: it is a basic thing to avoid surprises, if you know where you go and what to do, most likely what you have read about the places you visit will help you understand the needs. It is important to do research on distances, airports etc... Of course, some prefer the adventure and discover the destination once they are there but planning prior to the trip avoids surprises for sure.You can always see my preparation posts such as Thailand preparation and Brazil preparation. it is important to do reasearch and organize what to do and where to go.

  • Scams: it is important to read about typical scams in the places you visit. Possibly it is not a must for European destinations but definetely a plus to do it in Asia for example. In Thailand and Brazil it was great to get information before so you are aware of the dangers and tourist traps. If you know it would be easier to spot it on site.