Planes, long flights, uncertainty, there are lots of questions you might have about your flight. There are services online that make your life much easier related to flights. See 5 of them and how they can help you:

Change your flight: a service that allows to get a partial refund (airline voucher) for unused flights

How many times we have booked a flight for the wrong dates? You bought a flight and suddenly you cannot make it? I believe all of us or most of us had at least one of these situations.

There is a service that allows you to contact the airline and get a partial refund on the total amount paid for the flight. It is a great thing as at the moment you could not get a refund of any kind so we had to let go those tickets and loose the money and the option of travelling as well.

I haven't tried it myself but I loved the idea and think it is an existing need and they have covered that with the service. If someone has tried it please let me know what you thought in comments so we can all learn from your experience.

Plusgrade: revenue upgrade platform for the airline industry

Plusgrade is a platform that allows passengers to determine how much they are willing to pay to upgrade seats in an airline. Very interesting service, a way of actioning business class seats. Hopefully a way to find better seats at a lower price or/and a price payable and agreed by the client.

What I read though is that the average price you can get to upgrade to business is around 800 dollars, compaired to the business class airline tickets cost between 3000 and 10000 dollars it might be a bargain for some, not me at least, I will have to try if they upgrade me for 100 dollars more or so. We will see....

Seatid: social seating, seat next to someone who has the same interests as you. This service is runed in trains, hotels, flights, online tickets sellers and stadiums. Here you have a explanatory article of the service and what allows you to do: social seating, is this the future? Companies like KLM do use it already in a service called Meet and Seat allowing passengers to choice their travelling companion on the plane.

Meat and Seat

Meat and Seat

Seatguru: Choose the best seat while flying.. They have seat maps for each airline and plane. Do you want a seat far from the toilets? Or next to the toilets? You want to see what is the best seat? Check it out! This web helped me a lot when choosing the seats for my travel to Thailand. In long flights you don't want to choose any seat, you want the best one!

Seat guru

Seat guru

GoJumpon: Charter flight deals. An interesting service to get discounted flight tickets if you manage to fill up the flight. At the moment the flights are only from Calgary, Canada. Wouldn't it be good to be able to fill up a flight and get a discounted price? This could be a good option for large groups, university and high schools on their end of year travels etc...What do you think?

Check out this explanatory video:

I hope you found this information useful and if you know any other useful flight related service or application join the travel conversation and comment on the post!