OMG my first impressions about Marrakech were not very good actually. They started in the airport, when I saw the cleaning brigade throwing full buckets of water inot the floor to mop it after it. Oopps this is how they do it? Who knows...that's what I saw.

When I say not a very good impression, don't take me wrong. After a long weekend in Marrakech I think it has hiw own touch, lively streets, colorful scarfs and products, great food, orange juice freshly squeezed in the street.

So here are my 6 first impressions that I had when arriving in Marrakech, see what shocked me the most:

  • Tiny streets and the Medina is a maze
Incredible medina, very nice and unique place to get lost, as all streets look exactly the same, it is very difficult to get oriented. Thank god that my boyfriend is a super star and he can get oriented anywhere, if not you would still find me in Marrakech lost in La Medina. As you can see in the picture, narrow streets and their features make la Medina very special. I totally recommend you to stay inside la Medina, but make sure that is a safe location near La Place how they call it, the city center square: Djemà-el-Fna

  • Cats are everywhere in Marrakech
I was very surprised that cats are in every single corner, but not only in the streets but also in restaurants and in closed buildings such as the Hostel Equity Point where we were staying at. Kitties are everywhere, will writing the post I bumped into this post that totally explains the situation: cats in marrakech. The cat wanted to have dinner with us, as you can see is in Roger's chair.


  • No ostentation, all is hidden on the inside of buildings
  • Donkeys and little motorbikes (no helmets or protection whatsoever)Donkeys and little motorbikes (no helmets or protection whatsoever)
This is something present all over the city, tiny little doors take you to incredible palaces on the inside. They do not like ostentation or show up what they have, have a look at the pictures of the hostel, a little door actually brings you to an amazing Riad.


  • People: loads of noisy people on the streets
It was my first time in Africa and I have to say that people take a big part in your impressions of the country. They are very loud and they tent to touch you -not me as I assume being a woman is different-, but they talk to you on the street if they want to sell you something etc...It is a very lively city Marrakech. Men with donkeys and horses all over the city.


  • Donkeys and little motorbikes (no helmets or protection whatsoever)
It shocked me to see a couple in a motorbike with their child and holding a wooden door on the way, no helmets or any protection, and some of the ones who actually wore a helmet it was not even buttoned up. People normally have a little motorbike that allow them to go inside the Medina and his narrow streets. People use donkeys and horses as a transport in the city, so you will see a lot of them around.

  • Zocos, Bazars and shops: Bargaining all the way
Bargaining is the rule of Marrakech, you have to bargain everywhere you go, so get ready. If you are like me, I hated it, you will have to get a good bargaining partner. Bazars and zocos are full of amazing products: bags, shoes, handkerchiefs, pottery, jewellery etc...


So what about you? Have you ever been to Marrakech? I am sure you have something to say, leave a comment so we can all learn by others experience.

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Vero4travel commented over 7 years

Great post, to be honest I felt the same in Marrakech, everyone should go once in his live :). Was funny to read it because I have to many stories with cats in the medina and Im remembering Jesús Martínez Vero4travel

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