How many times we watched a movie and said...I want to go there!! It is incredible what a film can do to make you want to go somewhere. Films are a source for inspiration not only for travel but also food, traditions, culture and activities you never though of. There are even routes created about films as well as from novels or books.

Here is a compilation of films that make me want to travel the world. I haven't been everywhere yet but the desire is there still. Check out my wish list of this year 2013 that has suffered already some alterations, why we never keep our wish lists? I should do another post about that...

Here you are my favorite films and places:

Eat, Pray, Love: Bali, India and Italy

Not one but three amazing destinations. This film is an inspiration for travellers and also an inspiration to find yourself. Sometimes we are driven by our routine and things we don't want to do and we need to break with everything and meditate.

Julia Roberts is lost in her life, she divorces his husband and starts a travel of discovering the world and herself. This film makes me want to fly to Bali and India inmediately! I already had the pleasure of being in Rome twice so I have two places in the world on my wish list.

Amélie and Midnight in Paris: Paris

Paris, the city of light and the city of love. What can I say about Paris that it has not been said already? A Woody Allen film with his touch and personal twist.

In midnight in Paris, full of lovely shots about the city that will make you fall in love with the city. A north american writer goes with his fiancé and her parents to Paris. While he is winding around the streets of Paris dreaming about 1920's he falls under a spell and then magic happens: he will meet people he never expected.

Amélie, beautiful film about tragedy and fantasy. Amelie is a girl like no other, she is a waiter in Montmatre, she enjoys the pleasures of life and she loves helping others. She intervenes into others people's lifes without being noticed to make them happy or fulfill their dreams. You can see the streets and neighbourhoods of Paris all along during the film.

Vicky Cristina, Barcelona: Barcelona

Barcelonahad to appear somewhere, my beautiful city. You can see Barcelona, the gothic area, the sea side and some of the most famous areas through Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona. Two girlfriends spending the summer in Barcelona fall in love for the same man. A Woody Allen film, a good story and landscape is served.

Notting Hill: London

My loved London, I lived there for a year so I feel a special connection with the city. And believe me when I say that I have searched for Notting Hill places where the movie was filmed and I found some of them. Check out this source where it points you where they are: Notting Hill film locations. Beautiful hidden parks, Portobello road, blue door houses and a love story between an ordinary man and a movie star.

Mamma Mia: Greek Islands

I love this film, very fun story and amazing landscape from Greece in the "fake" name island of Kalokairi. The film was shoot in the Greek Island of Skopelos. If you are not dying to go to Skopelos after watching this film you are not human!

A single mum, Donna has raised her daughter alone in the island. Her daughter Sophie is getting married, she doesn't know who is her dad, so she invites to her wedding three guests to find out who of them is her father. In 24h all the story happens, three possible dads, a wedding, the past comes back to Sophie's mum all in an island with BSO by Abba sang by the actors.

Amazing beaches, clear and intense blue water, beautiful churches and landscape. These are just some reasons to go to Skopelos if you watch the film you will find some more! This is still in my wish list, we were planning to go to the Greek Islands this year but we are going to Thailand instead, not bad though...

Hope you enjoyed my travel film list!! If you have any other films that inspired you please share it !