Tarragona is a beautiful city that belonged to the Ancient Roman Empire as one of the most famous cities, now a lot of roman buildings remain that give the city this splendorous looking that it had in Roman times. I was in Tarragona during the TBM conferences 2013 this year and I had the chance to go around the city. In 2000, the archaeological ensemble of Tarraco was declared a World heritage site by UNESCO, you can't miss it is a lovely city.

Archaeological ensemble

The archaeological ensemble of Tarraco is one of the largest archaeological sites of Roman Hispania preserved in Spain nowadays. Tarraco is the oldest settlement in Spain. Tarraco as other ancient cities, their citizens have used the roman structures for building materials during centuries. Although, Tarraco is no exception on that, remains are numerous and well maintained. We can still see the amphitheater, it was used as a quarry but parts of the building survived until now. The circus is something that still remains.

Short distance from the city there are two other monuments that have remained very well preserved: the aqueduct that is 1.5km long and also the Torre dels Escipions.

Roman circus

I loved this building, it is one of the best preserved roman circus in the world. The building was under new buildings and the roman structures were never destroyed.

Amphitheatre in Tarraco

It was built in 2nd century BC facing the sea in a beautiful area, it can't be missed if you visit Tarragona. In this amphitheatre there were gladiator fights and exhibitions. It was built very near the sea because they needed to be able to get their ships as near as possible so they could leave the animals in the amphitheatre that they had in their boats.