Every year during the month of November Andorra celebrates their shopping festival with great discounts on shops, music and activities on the street. This year the Andorra shopping festival takes place between 1st to 16th November.

All the gang of fashion blogger ladies we were headed to Andorra last weekend for some days of full of girly plans: shopping, image consultant session, make up session and lots of fun and gossip were served.

We arrived on Friday night to be all ready to start early in the morning on Saturday, we stayed at la Mola Park Hotel, very near the city center on foot, 10 minutes to Avinguda Meritxell -the main street- and right in front of Caldea -hot springs Thermo ludic al center-. Rooms start at 60 euros per room per night.


The streets were full of people, there were bands and singers in the street, filling it in with music and good rythym. There were also actors dressed up on the streets that were spicing up the festival.

We started our day at Gala Perfumeries, with an auto make up session, they showed us how to take the most of us with different techniques and Lancôme products. We started preparing our skin with cream serum, tonic etc... Sometimes the very first step is what we skip to makeup, our skin needs to be ready to take the makeup and it will get better results if using the necessary products.

I learned so many things in the makeup session, we tried the new perfume La vie est belle and now I am using it as my everyday perfume as well as a magical Lancome Grandiose Mascara that is doing wonders to my little eyelashes making them pop.

In the afternoon, we participated in the image personalized advice by famous image consultant Andrea Vilallonga, they had an stand in Avinguda Meritxell where they showed you what are the colors that suit you best, I had a make up and hairstyle session followed by a change of clothes and accessories. They took a picture of you before and after, and this is how I looked like after the transformation.



The main point of the gathering was shopping, of course, so we did not deceive on that topic. I came back with a trolley I almost couldn't close full of new acquisitions. I treated myself well, and I bought a new perfume, a pair of boots, a jacket, and blouse. I can't complain...It was great that shops were opened until 12pm so it gave us plenty of time to go around, my recommendation is that you have the Andorra shopping map in hand.There were huge discounts, you can check the discounts per shop available if you download Andorra Go! mobile app.


You know how much I like to try different foods and enjoy gastronomy everywhere and so Andorra was no different. During our visit we tried different restaurants: Deimos, Enoteca, IÖ and Rustic Chic. And among the delish we tried there were vieiras and king prawn salad, foie micuit with apples, squid with veggies and some others..

My favorite was Enoteca restaurant, great service and very good quality of food, they treated us like princesses, I had a tuna tartar and an artichoke and king prawn risotto that was delish all polished off with some white and red wine. And of course dessert, a banana and chocolate ice cream that was the perfect end for a lunch.



Andorra is well known for their hot springs, aqua circuit facilities at Caldea, a relax spot in the middle of town that is near to the ski stations as well, it is a must try for those who have not been there yet. After all our shopping marathon, we also had our moment of relax but not at Caldea but at Inüu, a new more exclusive hot springs in the same Caldea building but with a personalized service and different features.We had our aqua circuit and a relaxing massage. I will tell you all about it very soon, stay tuned!

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