Barcelonins as we call the citizens of Barcelona, we always have a perfect excuse to go for a weekend getaway, we actually have quite a fame in the rest of Catalonia and they gave us different nicknames al related about our behaviour when we go out.

In the rest of Catalonia they call us: "pixa pins" (pee on pines literally) and "quemacus" (how nice literally), they say that we always find everything nice everywhere we go and since we go to the mountain at the weekends we pee on the pines we find, theie is how it is, I guess every culture has its own nicknames for some true behaviours. I believe we deserve the fame we got but it is for a good reason, we want to go out and visit places.

We needed a romantic getaway but near Barcelona and we were recommended Can Cuch, a very special hotel near Barcelona that has been the Traveller's choice in Trip advisor, on the top 25 best small hotels in Spain. How could we resist? So we had to go, and it was in the middle of El Montseny too, 2 for 1!


El Montseny

El Montseny is a National Park and is the highest mountain in the catalan prelitoral mountain chain, the landscape is just spectacular from the top. In 1978 The UNESCO declared el Montseny Biosfere reserve and guess what Can Cuch, our accommodation is in the middle of the park.

The park is the oldest in Catalonia and is also one of the most important were different kinds of vegetation can be found: mediterranean, eurosiberian and boreoalpino

Hotel Can Cuch


We have spent a weekend in Can Cuch, we were amazed by the area, the hotel is in a privileged position in the middle of the natural park of El Montseny, just one hour drive from Barcelona and we felt totally isolated and alone surrounded by this landscape.

We were in the room "El Sui" a great Junior Suite, the hotel has 11 rooms between standard rooms, superiors and suites. My recommendation is to get a Junior Suite, the bathtub is amazing, more space in the room and a private terrace overlooking the Montseny.

We loved the little details in the room, El Sui is a room that used to be were the horses were kept and you can see that the ater for the horses is restored as a headboard so it keeps part of the original usage. The bed is a king size, we bearly touched, we love space! And the bathtub I can tell you I felt like Pretty Woman, I have never seen a bathtub that big...I am just thinking how do I manage to get one for the house and making it go through our tiny main door...maybe we will need to get back to Can Cuch to try it out again?

Can Cuch also has a swimming pool on the top of the hill, go up there to read your book or plunge into the pool, it is great to freshen up after an excursion around the area, relax or sunbathe.


Waking up to this views is priceless, from the breakfast you can see all the mountains.The breakfast is served in a tray per couple that has all different options: sweet such as croissants and pastries, jam and toasts and cereals and as savoury cured meat of all kinds: ham, fuet etc... We were welcomed with an orange juice freeshly squeezed, they totally won me with it!

What makes a place special it is of course, the hotel itself but the most important thing is people, we felt welcomed at all times and everyone was taking care of us during the whole stay. It is a cosy familiar hotel with all you need to spent a romantic getaway with your loved one.

They are also self-sufficient energy wise, as they are in the middle of a natural park electricity and water supplies are challenging so they have their own infrastructure. This year they will start with solar energy and biomass, sustainable hotels are the future and we help our environment so I am always a supporter of this kind of business that makes us be more conscious.

Can Cuch is into proximity products, we call it km0 since the products come from near places that are 0km away. They also grow their own strawberries and you can see them around the garden, I was so tempted to get a bunch and sneaked them into our room. Being respectful with the environment it is important and essential when the hotel is placed in a Biosphere Reserve as the Montseny is. If you don't believe my words, just watch the video, stunning, don't let me tell you only, see it with your own eyes and get a weekend getaway to El Montseny.

Can Cuch restaurant

We decided to stay for dinner and we couldn't have chosen a better thing to do. We ordered a camembert coulant with truffle to share and then two main dishes: lamb and ravioli with carn d'olla -meat with black pudding, chicken etc..., it is the typical catalan canelloni stuffing-You can see their menu here. All polish off with I think our new favorite red wine: Barbara Forés.

As a dessert, we had brownies with mango ice cream and chocolate mousse, yummy!! The price for one starter shared, two main dishes, two desserts, wine and water was around 80 euros.


What to do in El Montseny

If you are interested in excursions that are plenty to do around, there is one very near the hotel to visit one of the oldest trees in Catalonia. It is a chestnut called de Can Cuch chestnut. It is 35 minutes far walking from the hotel, and it is an easy path so everyone can do it. It was a great walk we did it while waiting for our room to be ready and it helped us know better the area and get to luch time hungry enough after the exercise.

There are other excursions to do around, in the hotel they will guide you but some of the options are: climb Sui mountain, etc... The hotel is near La Roca Village, you might know it by now after my crazy shopping day some time ago, it is a shopping outlet near Barcelona for clothes brands, purses, watches...It is always a great stop, right ladies?

We had lunch at Braseria la Canela, this restaurant that it is in the first town found after coming down from Can Cuch, it is a "Braseria" and they specialized in catalan cuisine. We had a catalan sausage called botifarra and a had an incredible "entecôte", actually 450gr of it... With great toasts with tomato and garlic and also all i oli.

Hotel Can Cuch

A Junior Suite with breakfast included for two people is around 200 euros per night. Room prices with breakfast start at 160 euros per room on standard rooms. As you might have seen for my review, it is totally worth it, you deserve it!

Perfect for gifts and celebrations or simply to pamper yourself and your partner!

¿What do you think? Help others with your opinion and experience

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