This has been a week of changes. You might have noticed I have been a bit out these past weeks, there were lots of things going on...I won flight tickets to Casablanca, Marrakech this year, but honestly we were not very exited to go after our trip to Marrakech.

I am sure Morocco is an amazing country but it was not in our priorities, but as far as we got the tickets we started to plan the trip, we wanted to go to the dessert and also some holiday resort to be in with smimming pools and mojito in hand and 5 restaurants.

It was harder than we thought, when we started loking for information we saw that in 5 days we could not get to the desert because it was too far, so we wanted to go for the all inclusive option but it turns out this option does not exists in Casablanca.

In other cities in Morocco it is easier to get an all inclusive and go to the desert, there are excursions and all. So our two prefered options were not possible. We booked anyway just in case a hotel with swimming pool in Casablanca just in case.

Roger has an aunt in Brasil and we always talked about going at some point to discover the country as locals, she lives near Salvador de bahía, around 8 km far from Praia do Forte , a very touristy coast town.

I was talking in Facebook with my friend Joaquin from guiaslowcost, he is a super star on how to get cheap air tickets, he uses a special tool I totally need to get my hands on to find amazing offers.

So asked him if there was any cheap fairs for Salvador, just asking with no intention until he said oh yes, I found you 550 euros from Barcelona to Salvador in February, right for pre carnaval. Oh God, I rushed to tell Roger, Can we go to Brasil this year?

And so we started arranging all the things, ask for holidays, ask his aunt and gets the tickets. Now it is official we are going to Brasil in February for two weeks, it will be summer there!

And suddenly my mind thought...I need to be able to fit my bikini in!! We need to get fit, so gym started as well this week.

A bit busy thought, with gym and preparation, but we have still 4 months to go. I have been doing some research online on Brasil but honestly my search has gone quite empty, not sure if what I am looking for is not there...or I am not searching the right thing.

If you know great blogs about Brasil please let me know, I will be glad to hear about them!

So we called off Casablanca and we are going to Brasil instead!!! How cool is that.