L'Anoia is a county that belongs to Barcelona area, it is one hour distance by car from Barcelona city. It is famous for its river Anoia, and the paper industry that was generated in the surroundings. The are we visited belongs to Pujalt, that gathers the neighbours of the following towns: Astor, Conill, la Guàrdia Pilosa, Pujalt and Vilamajor.- There is a famous route that goes around these 5 towns called the town stone route.

In Astor, were we stayed there is a Romanic church called Santa Magdalena and a defensive tower. The town is surrounded by a pine and oak forest and cereal fields, the most cultivated product in the area.

What to visit in l'Anoia

Astor is a town that is in the five stone towns route, this route goes through; Astor, Vilamajor, Conill, Guàrdia Pilosa and Pujalt, lovely stone towns in the area. We only had the chance to visit Astor and we were amazed on how beautiful the area was, so we shall be back to visit the rest of stone towns in the area.

We went at winter time and we had the chance to visit the live Pessebre of old crafts in Sant Guim de la Plana, absolutely astonishing. Apessebre is a "manger", the representation of scenes from Jesus life and old crafts, they show how they use to work materials and traditional scenes of that time. The actors are all people from the surroundings and the town could not be more perfect, since it is all made from stone, the little narrow streets make a suitable match with what they try to represent. Going around the scenes in town, you feeltruly inside the real life when Jesus was born in Nazaret.


Restaurant Masia La Figuera

In Astor town only live 18 people so you can imagine how little it is but there is a restaurant: Masia La figuera. In our last day in the area we decided to have lunch in there. I enjoyed the food and tried some typical delish: little chickpeas from Anoia, they are very small comparing to normal size and have a strong particular taste that is local, a km0 product. I ate them with tomato sauce and veggies in a stew kind of dish.

Calaf and their weekend market

I love going around Catalonia and visit markets, we were lucky and on Saturday we found the market in town, fruits and veggies, cured meats and cheese. We bought rosemary cheese, who would have thought that we could find these rare cheeseW. e also bought the best spinach I have tried lately, food truly is not the same in little towns than in big cities, all from the farmers. We loved it!

Cal Carulla


We went to Astor, is a little town in l'Anoia, an amazing place at 720m high where only 18 people live. In this lovely place is where Cal Carulla is, a rural house that has different apartments to rent. This is where I celebrated my birthday with friends, we rented an apartment for five people in Astor.

We were four people and we spent a 2 nights, it cost us 60 euros per person the two nights, it includes the coal for the barbecue and also the firewood, each house has a lovely fireplace.

In the house they have barbecues available and we took advantage of that, it is perfect to do a barbecue with friends and if there is good weather to eat outside. The house also has a swimming pool, sadly we couldn't try it as it was January when we went but it is a place we need to go back some other time. We did try the sauna, every house rented has a 1, 5h slot for the sauna and we enjoyed it, all for the 5 of us. In the last day after the lunch we played games and there is even a ping-pong and our guys gave it a try.

It is perfect for families, kids can go around and also for groups of friends. It was our first time and sure it will not be the last. I loved L'Anoia area, and there are still lots of things to discover.

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