A weekend in Palamós, a fishermen town near Barcelona that is very famous for its fish and Palamós prawns. Palamós is perfect for a day excursion from Barcelona or spent a weekend as we did.

We stayed at Hotel Trias, the same hotel that was chosen by Truman Capote in 1960 staying in the room 705 writing his book Cold Blood. Palamós in Empordà area in Costa Brava was recommended to Capote by the Washington Post columnist Robert Ruark. He took his friend's advice and so did we, two days in Palamós to disconnect, eat amazing fish and relax.

We started our weekend having lunch at El Pum del Mar, a 16 euro menu per person that we enjoyed very much, grilled fish and fideuà and of course, some white wine. We had a great quality of food at a reasonable price, the only con was that we had to wait quite a while due to the restaurant being full.

El pum del mar

El pum del mar

We arrived at Hotel Trias in the afternoon and we were surprised by a stylish designed hotel that once had Capote as a guest. So there we were in our white and blue room sea view with an amazing terrace. A minimalist style but with everything you need and a terrace overlooking Palamós, lovely!! I am a hotel freak, you might know that by now, after working in operations in the hotel industry I am very picky on details and there were two things that caught my eye:

Bathroom and amenities: the bathroom was gorgeous, very big with separate toilet and shower which makes it easier to organize toilet turns. I loved the amenities, especially the olive hand soap. I am very into natural and ecological products, it is appreciated that they have this kind of products.

Furniture: although it is minimalist I particularly find the desk very useful, the chair is part of the desk itself and allows you to have it all together if you are not sitting down and take out the chair from the desk when needed and it also indicates your room number.

Hotel Trias

Hotel Trias

We had the chance to try Trias restaurant, the perfect place to finish our relaxing day in the coast. We started our dinner with micuit with fig jam, mm...delish!! And it followed escamarlans (norway lobster), they are great and very typical in Catalonia, it is like a prawn but more lobster shape and taste. The price for that dish I had, grilled escamarlans with salt and pepper it was 14 euros, very good quality and good price.

Of course, we are the sweet type and so desserts had to be in our table: strawberry and cream and a hazelnut coulant with vanilla ice cream. If you can think of anything better...please let me know!! We were in paradise and a good night sleep is what followed!

Restaurant trias

Restaurant trias

There is a Truman Capote's route in Palamós that runs in summer time, in july and august that goes around Palamós showing the places he liked in his stay in the town and including Hotel Trias and Capote's favorite cocktail: dry martini.

After our first day in Palamós discovering Truman Capote's steps, but decided to know more about the fishing culture in Palamós. Palamós prawns are very famous, and although we couldn't taste them because in January is closed season, we had a sea taste with our escamalans from Palamós

However, we could visit the fishing museum in Palamós that explains the fishing culture in town, different kinds of fish and tools used in different kinds of fishing methods. We started the visit with a 10 minute documentary about the fishing culture in Palamós.

It is always interesting to find out more about the place you are visiting, I was surprised to see how many kinds of fish there are and the different ways that exist to fish in the sea. They have a collection of tools used and also a boat inside the museum. It was a pitty that at this time of the year we could not participate in the fish action as it is closed season in the area. But we have know the excuse to come back and visit it another time.

Restaurant El pla

To have a perfect day we had to go for lunch and I love catalan cuisine so there we were surrounded by nature in Restaurant el Pla. They have a wide variety of dishes, we choose two different menus: a grilled meat menu (carn a la brasa) and a paella menu.

This is what we got, first a escudella soup -catalan soup with meatballs- and as a main dish I got my paella mixta -meat and fish- and Roger choose grilled chicken with patates al caliu -grilled potatoes, in all catalan restaurants-

And dessert of course: orange juice with vainilla ice cream, this is called a valenciano - which literally is a person from Valencia-. Very easy to do it at home if you have the ingredients and tasty!!

Restaurant el pla

It was a perfect time in Palamós, recommended for romantic weekends, it is full of families with kids as well, and also a girlfriend's weekend

Our see view room has a price of 82 euros per night at this time of the year

Disclaimer: I was invited by Grup Andilana to experience Hotel Trias and their restaurants. A special thanks to Palamós Tourism to invite us to discover the fishing museum. As always the opinion is my own. The first picture of Palamós is by Francisco Sanchez.