This last two months have been crazy, Brazil in February, Rome in March and very soon New York later this month. But I couldn't miss my trip with my favorite 6 ladies in Rome. I have been in Rome three times already but every time is different, there is no doubt because it is also the people you travel with which makes the trip special.

Anything can happen and actually lots of things happened during that weekend. We laughed and we had a great time and I want to show you how amazing a girlfriends weekend in Rome can be. So here you are my recommendations for a weekend in Rome.

Piazza's and Barroco route around Rome

Having an architect in the group always helps and she prepared us a an amazing route around Rome and its piazza's. We loved it, we went around Piazza Navona, the Vatican, Pantheon, Fontana di Trevi, La Piazza delle colonne etc...

Of course we had to stop somewhere to rest and we choose the best place in town: a gelatteria and why not, one with 150 different flavours, gelatteria della Palma at Via della Maddalena 19 . So hard to choose, but we finally made it through the queue and had our italian taste of the day, for me: fior di latte and gianduia chocolate.

This route was also a quiz for Isabel, our bride, we were in a girly weekend and a hen party too. Isabel had to remember some of the facts Vero explained during the route: Borromini-Bernin dispute, esculpture, rome history etc...A bit of everything to spice up our trip.

Fiat 500: recommended activity to do in Rome


We had a tour with a fiat 500, it was incredible I felt so vintage going around Rome and I can tell you have a different vision of things as you drive slowly. These cars are so cute, we had lots of fun taking funny pics all around the tour. The owner, Alvise, has 7 fiat 500 cars and he organizes tours around Rome, Rome 500 experience. He was very nice and we had a great time it wouldn't have been the same without him as when you do what you love your passion comes out in everything you do and you can tell. We were so engaged in the tour and it was not a typical touristy one, but to discover different places that we haven't seen before:

La bocca de la verità, although it is very typical, I haven't had the chance to visited until the tour, and Alvise showed us in his ipad the film with Catherine Hepburn that was filmed in that location, Vacanze Romane.

Everyone knew about it except me...Am I too young or I have no idea about films? Maybe...the thing is I loved the scene and we discovered it was actually a joke from Gregory Peck to Catherine Hepburn. He made her believe his hand got stuck so all her reaction is real.

We also visited Santa Sabina, il Colosseo, il circo romano, monte dei cocci and San Pietro in Montorio. The last stop was famoursGianicolo, the name of a roman hill and does not belong to the traditional 7 hills. This hill is in Trastevere area and it is famous because every day at 12am a cannon shoots to show the exact time: 12 o'clock so all churches in Rome can start at the same time the ringing of their bells.

Lunch in Monti area at Bibenda

Good experiences need to go hand in hand with great food. So after our morning around a fiat 500 we had lunch at Bibenda, a winery full of different wines of Italy, we had the chance to taste three of them. The winery bar is very near the 500 fiat, so a perfect tandem for the day,

We had for lunch a lovely italian lasagna and frittata and as a dessert some sweet pastries. It could not have been better, and all with the best of the companies! Our menu: 2 dishes, dessert, wine and coffe was 30 euros per person.


Photo shoot and chic vermouth in Piazza d'Spagna

7 ladies and 2 photographers, there we were taking out the actress we have inside, walk left, look right, now smile and laugh as hard as possible...A full session with all of us in Piazza di Spagna, we had so much fun being the princesses we are just for one day.

After all that effort we totally needed a rest so we went for chic vermouth at Il Palazzeto, in the top of the stairs at Piazza di Spagna, we had the typical Aperol Sritz and thank god we order it as the alcohol helps swallow the 12 euro bill per person...But a diva day is a diva day, so it was worth it! Il Palazzeto is at Vicolo del Bottino 8.


Our apartment in Rome at Via del Corso

We could enjoy a lovely apartment at Via del Corso by only appartments, an amazing location.It is in the city centre, full of shops and restaurants around. We did all Rome walking, it is very near the public transport and the perfect spot to discover Rome. We were 7 in the apartment so we needed space, there were 3 rooms quite big and we enjoyed the time with some lambrusco of course, that is the advantage of having an apartment!!!

Rome is very expensive and find a reasonable place for a good price is very difficult, for a large group like us it was a good option. The apartment was around 700 euros for 3 nights and the location was the best.

I have been in Rome other times and it is very difficult to find a decent place if you don't want or can't pay a fortune. Termini is one of the cheapest areas but you need to know is not the prettiest. Also Colosseo is an area where you can find good deals but it is far from the centre.


Must visit in Rome

I have been in Rome in the past so I had done all the basics but you can't miss the Fontana di Trevi, the Vatican and also the museums if you like them. Piazza d'Spagna, Il Castello di Sant Angelo, Il Colosseo are must sees.

One of the best things in Rome is get lost, because there are things to look around everywhere. Distances can be done walking but you need to have comfy shoes, I always go with my trainers everywhere I go. Rome is a bit challenging to eat well, as everywhere get local tips and use your instinct. Pasta and pizza must be eaten in this country. I hope you enjoyed and I hope to see you soon in Rome!

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Karen Freeman commented about 6 years

Hello Just read your blog with interest particularly in the bit about driving around Rome in a vintage Fiat 500 and agree with you on them being cute little cars. I particularly liked the photo and the pink Fiat 500 is definitely my favourite. They are so cute that I decided to purchase one for myself a couple of months ago, not a vintage one but a three year old modern one. Regards Karen

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