Sitges is a beautiful town on the sea side near Barcelona, only 30 min away the busy capital. Sitges is very famous for his Sitges film festival happening every year and bringing talent and buzz.

Sitges is very famous as well for gay and lesbian friendly area, there is even a gay sitges guide with all you might need, on activities, places to go etc... Sitges is always part of the gay festival Circuit, gay pride parade and their famous Carnival.

Now with everything I told you about Sitges you might think is a all day party destination, but it isn't, it is a beautiful sea side town with spirit. Full of shops and very wide gastronomic options and festivals is the perfect getaway for barcelonins looking for other experiences.

They also have Sitges wine festival and gastronomic ones during the year, so any excuse is good to visit Sitges.

Hotel Calipolis and dinner

I stayed at the hotel Calipolis where I could see the sea side, very cool room and romantic with cava and heart chocolates. The hotel inspired me for two things mainly, it can be a romantic getaway, look at my terrace views, the location and atmosphere will make a perfect romantic weekend.

I also had the chance to meet my girlfriend at the same time and you know when girls get together crazy things happen, so we stayed up late chatting and gossiping along with cava and the best ideas came up, soon enough I will tell you more about that.

It is a business and meetings hotel as well and somehow this gave us the opportunity to sit down and have our monthly meeting and brainstorm new ideas and things we can do together and of course have fun! So my definition would be business with pleasure.

We had dinner at the hotel too. You know how much I love gourmet and it was truly up to my expectations, we had some nibbles and as a main dish entrecôte, I like it mid raw and it was just the way I like seasoned with garlic sauce. Threesome dessert, if you like dessert three is always better than one, no doubt about it.

Threesome dessert

Threesome dessert

Wifi in my room was good, for me is totally a must so I keep on going with the online me. I liked the bathroom amenities very much, I happened to have a rush in my skin and their mosturiser did good on me.

Bacardi museum

I didn't know Bacardi came from Sitges, a bit of my bad catalan came up, sometimes you don't know this things that are from your own country. So we squeezed in a visit to Bacardi where they explained all the process that the rum follows until it becomes their Bacardi Superior.

I was very surprised when the guide told us that the best show that their product is made only with three natural ingredients is to wash your hands with the rum and then see how is the texture of your hands after your rub them while you smell the flavours that come out.

It was a discovering when after rubbing the hands all flavours start coming up and you feel three stages of smell. After the rum has disappear the hands are clean with no leftover product and smooth. If there would be additional items they would have been sticky in the end.

We also had a cocktail master class, it is always good to have some booze. So we learnt to do our own cocktail, I choose mojito and we were following the instructions until the final result.

It was very fun and I recommend to visit the museum, it is something that I didn't know that existed before and we definetely learnt and had a laugh.

Disclaimer: I was invited by Hotel Calipolis to spent a night in Sitges, as always the opinion is my own.