**Please note that Mandarin Oriental stopped serving their afternoon tea. Last update 2016

The afternoon tea at Mandarin Oriental is like being Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, you see tifanny's all around the little boxes and bags that decorate the pastries buffet, I felt like a princess.

Blanc Brasserie and Gastro Bar transforms at Tea time, the central table at the restaurant becomes a Tiffany & Co exposition of pastries and delicatessen sandwiches and desserts.

Tea time would not be the same without a selection of the best sweets in town, what about some cupcakes? Macaroons? Or maybe you are up to giant cookies?

There are choices for all tastes and preferences. I definitely went for cookies, I love them and could not resist a coconut cookie and some yogurt with red berries, of course along a black tea called Bombai Chai.

Coconut cookie and yogurt

Coconut cookie and yogurt

They have a wide selection of teas, I loved the fact that you can actually smell the tea you will later be drinking, so if you are not sure what to choose is the perfect think as you can read the ingredients and smell them too.

With the perfect atmosphere to go for a tea with your girlfriends, Mandarin Oriental offers for a good price delicatessen with live piano music.

There is a pastry and sandwich buffet, where you can take the items you wish and then you will pay by unit.

Sandwitch buffet

Sandwitch buffet

Prices are:

  • Pastries such as lemon pie, fruit tart or apple tatin. 4 euros each

  • Home-made pastries 1.50 euros each

  • Individual cookie (coconut, nuts, pistachio) each 2 euros

  • Iberian ham with bio bread 4 euros each

  • Glass shots such as yogurt and berries, chocolate and fruit and consommé brochette. 3 euros each.
Totally recommended, take an afternoon for you and have some tea with pastries, you deserved it! I certainly did.

Disclaimer: The afternoon tea has been offered by Mandarin Oriental Barcelona. As always the opinions are my own. You can't buy love.

Mandarin Oriental Barcelona

At Blanc Brasserie and Gastro Bar

Every day from 17h to 19h, Monday to Sunday

Around 10 euros per person depending on your choices