Airbnb as some of you might know is a different way to rent appartments from the owner to the public who is interested in renting it. Owners can offer a whole house to rent, a private room or a shared room. You can check out our first time with Airbnb in our lovely appartment in Budapest. We found it very useful, as you can find very good prices for appartments in the city you want to visit.

An appartment gives you freedom as you can come in and out whenever you want and also live like a local go to the supermarket, cook a bit and feel like home. It is a good way to save money too, if you cut down your expenses by cooking at home and having breakfast for example, you can save quite a lot.

For us it was a great experience, we had a lovely host Michael that treated us very well, it was easy to meet to pick up the keys and we could leave the keys at any time when heading back to Spain. Air bnb takes a deposit of all the amount, and only gives it to the owner 24 hours after you have arrived to your destination.

This ensures that everything is correct with the accommodation and follows the cancellation policies. I loved one thing they offered, the concierge desk. And you might be thinking what is that? So, as you are not staying in a hotel you might not have the opportunity to solve your doubts on where to go, how to do something, how to get to the airport etc...

Airbnb offers a concierge desk as part fo their service, you can call and ask them as much as you would do in a concierge desk of a hotel. Isn't that cool? We did not try it out, we are more the internet and ipad type, we look everything up ourselves, but I thought it was a plus!

There is also something that I loved, they have different kinds of selections of accommodation in Airbnb website where they show you for example: Private islands accommodation: woooww, amazing places in there Top 40 accommodation list, as kings and queens, rustic places and so many others...

It is fun to look around and see how many different styles of houses are out there. We will use it in the future for sure, accommodation that fits any budget, there is wide range of prices and go local, we love it!

I leave you with a photo of our lovely appartment in Budapest, so happy we tried it out!

kitchen in budapest apartment

kitchen in budapest apartment