Who doesn't love a bit of self pampering? I certainly do, I love massages and thermal baths I have a long curriculum of: wellness days, japanese massages, thai massages, spa getaways etc...

I passed by Aire de Barcelona in Born area for some time now and I wanted to try it out their thermal baths. Aire de Barcelona it is in an amazing old palace where they have restored an ancient bath following the Roman structure of baths, I loved the architecture, and of course, the baths.

In Roman times, the public baths were an important social centre. People went to baths to gossip with friends, do business and also to clean themselves. Nowadays the main reason is to relax, and we ladies to gossip on the way as well if we go with girlfriends.

Aire de Barcelona: the space

At Aire they have a series of rooms: sauna and steam rooms, Salt Water bath, jacuzzi with bubbles and you will be able to experience different swimming pools and baths with temperatures. To start in the swimming pools, we have the warm water of the Templarium (97ºF), hot waters in the Caldarium (104ºF) and last but not least cold waters in the Frigidarium (61ºF). The feeling is great in the warm and hot water and although the cold one it is quite a contrast I was so proud to be able to have a short bath in it.

After the bath itinerary I felt renewed, it is not only a relaxing activity to do but there are also health benefits to it, Some benefits are: better circulation, treat skin complaints -pores, acne etc..-, detoxification and also relieve anxiety.

Templarium (97ºF)

Templarium (97ºF)

It is a great experience and you will be bathing in ancient wells that were part of the water reserve of the old city all restored to enjoy it as thermal baths nowadays. There is a relaxing space with hot stone benches to relax and have a cup of mint tea, my favorite, that was a detail that I certainly loved, there is also water to drink.

Massage at Aire de Barcelona

You have the possibility to have a massage as well, I had a circuit of thermal baths + aromatheraphy + a 45 minute relaxing massage. The therapist did a great job and I went out all relaxed and relieved, I would recomment you to have at least a massage of 15 minutes to finish up as it helps end up the circuit and relax before going out.

The massage room it is a shared room with different stretchers one next to the other one, although there are different therapists in the same room the place is quiet as you are relaxing. They dry you out with a towel so they can start the massage, in the 45min massage they let me choose the last part of the massage: reflexology or facial massage. I went for facial and I enjoyed it, it relaxed me a lot, I always prefer the head and face, each of us has their favorite part to relax that is a good point that you can choose.

Relaxing hot stone area

Relaxing hot stone area

If you want to the the same circuit I had thermal baths + aromatheraphy + a 45 minute relaxing massage has a cost of 74 euros and it takes around 2 hours to go through it. The only thing that you need to bring one is your swimsuit, no bathing cap needed -I hate them!- and they provide you with non sliperry socks to go around the area.

Aire de Barcelona Paseo Picasso 22, Barcelona