Catalonia has many christmas traditions, but one of them is live nativity scenes, called pessebres. We went to spent a weekend in La Segarra area, in Catalonia and they recommended us to visit the live pessebre of old crafts in Sant Guim de la Plana.

Pessebre of Sant Guim de la Plana

We thought that it was a good chance to see a live nativity scene, but we couldn't imagine how it would be, as we thought the people in the pessebre would actually move, but the didn't...We were all amazed on how well they were performing, not even a blink, all the pessebre is done by people standing in the scenes and doing old crafts without moving.

It is also very special the location where it is done, it is a unique place, the medieval part of town of Sant Guim that includes particular houses, streets, squares etc...all located in medieval buildings.

I know this is just words, that's why I want you to see it by yourself in this video, and again this is live people!!They look like wax figures!

This year 2015 it was their 33rd edition of the Pessebre, it is done by Christmas time but also runs until mid-January, so if you are lucky to be around Catalonia at that time I truly recommend it.

We visited the whole area, and you are given an explanatory paper with all live scenes that you will see along the route, around 30 different scenes.

The route ends up with a traditional pa torrat amb tomàquet (toasted bread with rubbed tomato- catalan style), you need to toast the bread yourself, there is a fire in the middle and they give you stick to place the bread in and have it toasted.

Pessebre Sant Guim

Pessebre Sant Guim

The town of Sant Guim de la Plana

Surrounded by wheat fields, almond trees and olive trees, the town of Sant Guim de la Plana it is a beautiful medieval town. The base of what used to be a castle sill remains in town, the medieval center still has a lot of the original layout due to the pedestrian only access of the town.

Nowadays, there are 110 permanent residents in town and it increases at the weekends and holidays. Sant Guim de la Plana is one of the few towns that still preserves his soul and original structure which makes it the perfect spot for the event of the year: The live Pessebre of old crafts.

How to get there: Sant Guim de la plana map