Angsana Velavaru is an idyllic island located in the South Nilandhe Atoll, approximately 140 kilometers southwest of the main island of Malé in the Maldives and it has 79 rooms and 33 in ocean villas. 

Your arrival will be in a seaplane that takes around 40 minutes from Malé, an incredible experience if it is your first time in the Maldives to see the turquoise water and islands from above and take some pictures to keep it in your holiday album.

The Angsana resort is famous among honeymooners due to their incredible water villas that are a 5-star experience and their unique location as they are located 1km out on the lagoon with the only access to the main island being a boat trip.

This means that you have all the privacy you want in your water villa and its surrounding area that has a restaurant and a bar, if you would like to go to mainland there are boats every hour.

You can find luxury two-storey villas with a private infinity pool on them, perfect for your honeymoon, they are among the few that are not located in the main island. Guess what, the two-storey villas have a sundeck on the roof, enjoy the sunshine all day!!



We stayed a couple of nights at the Beachfront pool Villa, spacious room with all the amenities you need, it is very thoughtful to include a pair of flip flops, for the ones who left them at home or to have an extra pair they are always welcome. There is no such a thing as enough flip flops!

The room is some meters far from the sea and you have two hammocks per room, the beach has white sand the typical from coral reefs and the water is very crystal clear and you can snorkel near the shores and see little fishes.

You have a private pool in a rear yard with hammocks inside fully private, no one can see you and it is your own pool, something we certainly enjoyed at night to freshen up before going to sleep and first thing in the morning.


We stayed another couple of nights into the In Ocean Pool Villas, what a different experience right in the same hotel resort. The In Ocean Villas are special in the Maldives as they are a couple of kilometers apart from the main island and they are two-storey villas. If you want to go to the main island you need to take a boat that takes 10 minutes, you have a shuttle boat schedule available in your room to check when they depart and come back.



The fact that the In Ocean Villas are isolated gives you some privacy and exclusivity to be on your own in the middle of the ocean. The Villas area has a restaurant and also a reception so unless you want to use te facilities of the main island, your basic daily needs are covered.

The Villas on the inside are spacious, with an infinity pool right in front of the sea, a big bathtub facing the ocean and very luminous room. We had a Villa Sunset side to enjoy the sunset, in the morning the pool had just enough sun to swim but it had shadow. In the afternoons it was hard to swim and lie down in the deck sofa as the sun was too high to even have some shadow to stay. In the afternoon you can go to the second floor where there is another sofa with shade.

An advantage of the Villas is that you have the coral reef right in front of your Villa, just going down the stairs to the sea you can enjoy the marine life nearby.

The Villas are certainly flashy and if you are in your honeymoon it might be the place to be at least for a night, but if I would stay again in Angsana I would still choose my Beach Villa with Pool, as you have more privacy, no one sees you while you are in the pool. The pool has half shade half sunny side which makes it easier to stay longer periods of time as you can combine being in the hammocks in the sun or in the shadow.

The open air bathroom is amazing in the Beach Villa beside the pool and I like the fact that you are in front of a sandy beach. Of course, this depends on your tastes and preferences, both rooms are good options to stay and have different features.

Angsara Velavaru offers their guests an award-winning spa with 12 private pavilions enjoying stunning ocean views. We haven't tried the spa in our stay but there are good reviews about it.


We tried all restaurants at Angsana and the food is just incredible. The Khani buffet restaurant is the main dining option in the main island, they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. The options are not wide but enough to have a bit of everything, dinners are themed, every day is a kind of cuisine which allows you to have a variety of foods during your stay.


We had lunch and breakfast there for a couple of days, there is a salad bar, a barbecue station with fresh meat and fish every day and a hot dish station with vegetables, meat and fish cooked in different ways and there is always a soup of the day. I like to eat healthy foods so having soups and vegetables available is something that is appreciated.

We had a Maldivian night buffet when they serve local dishes made by the in-house chef, the best buffet theme we tried during our stay. You can tell that the local food tastes better than any other Western food. Local ingredients, some grown in the same island and a local chef, can you ask for more? Tuna in different forms, tuna croquettes, dry tuna, tuna salad, fried tuna etc... Coconut is also present in the endless curries, lamb curry, chicken curry and fish curry as well as coconut is present in the desserts, in milk form or shredded coconut.


We had dinner at Azurro restaurant, that is located in the In Ocean Villas some kilometers apart from the main island. Azurro is a Mediterranean restaurant with some Asia touches and the food was delicious.

I had as an entrée scallops with bacon, and a peas cream on the base and they were incredibly tasty! As a main, I had wagyu meat well done and it was of very good quality and the gravy that went with that was a perfect blend. 

We tried Funa restaurant too, a seafood restaurant in the main island, although we tried food from their kitchen menu the restaurant was being remodeled so we had the dinner in a magnificent pavilion by the sea.

We had lobster cooked Mediterranean style, it was very fresh and delicious, when I eat lobster I like to get the true taste of it so I am not very fan of this sauces that take the flavor out of it. It was just perfect, could taste the lobster in all essence.

One of the things I am most worried about when going to a restaurant is if they would have choices for my lactose intolerance, in a world where milk and cheese are everywhere it is certainly a complicated task.

I was glad that they took into account my intolerance in all our lunches, every time I asked they showed me around the buffet options that were for me and in the restaurants they served the menu with some special tweaks for me. This is something that is not taken into account everywhere and if you are suffering from an intolerance it is an inconvenience that either you end up eating something that will hurt you or that you don't have choices at all for you to eat.

I used their in villa dining while we were in the In Ocean Villas and truth to be told I was a bit disappointed on the service, I ordered a tuna wrap as we had an early picnic lunch and I was hungry in the afternoon and it took them 1 hour and 30 minutes to bring it to the room. By that time I was totally starving and I had to eat something from the minibar on the mean time. Considering that the villas cost 1000 dollars a night, being that late for a service that is well paid (29 dollars for the tuna wrap + 15 dollar charge) it is not a very good experience, and when the tuna wrap arrived it had frozen fries which is my deepest nightmare. My husband loves fries of any kind so he polished the fries for me, but a 29 dollar wrap I would have expected hand cutted fries. 

I am sure it was an isolated thing and this is not their normal timings to deliver food to someone's room but I would have expected that if there is any delay you are given a call with an explanation.

To be fair, I called to check out on my order and they apologized but didn't confirm a time of delivery either and we had to wait 30 minutes more after we called to be able to eat. As I told you the restaurant were amazing, I cannot say the same unfortunately of the room service in my one and only experience.

Angsana Velavaru: Turtle island

Vela is turtle and Varu is island in Divehi, the resort lives by its name helping turtle nests to grow their little turtles safely. They nest near the villas and their first impulse is to go by the water when they are born. Unfortunately, there are predators waiting for this little turtles so they wouldn't last very long. The resort takes some of these newly born turtles and keeps them safe until they are grown up enough to take care of themselves. Once they are ready the release them into the sea again.

They work hand in hand with the sister property Bayan Tree Vabbinfaru and sent little turtles there as they have more space and special facilities for the turtles to take care of them when they are babies until they can be released in the ocean.

Rates at Angsana Velavaru

Prices vary from room category to the season you will stay in. Maldives high season goes from November to January as are the dryer months of the year. The peak for low season would be around June, July, August when you will get lower prices.

Prices vary from 460$ to more than 1300$ per night depending on the room category and the season.

Please note that the Angsana Velavaru resort is located around 150km far from Malé and you will need a seaplane transfer from Malé airport that costs US$460 per adult.

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