The aquarium in Barcelona is a spectacular Oceanarium, unique in Europe as it is the largest aquarium and home to many different kinds of species. There are almost 4 million litres of water with giltheads, moray eels, sharks and mare other kinds of species.

What is special about the aquarium is the transparent tunnel of 80 metres long and 5 metres depth that allows you to enjoy the life under water. No need to scuba dive to get a taste of how is the life in the Mediterranean sea, you just need to walk along the tunnel and you will see sharks just an inch away from you.

The Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the largest marginal seas on the planet, although it is considered a nutrient-poor sea, hosts different ecosystems and species. One of the most important is the shark, kids enjoy seeing this large animals so near, and as they are part of the Mediterranean are in the Aquarium.

Barcelona aquarium is the perfect plan for kids in Barcelona, they love it and it is right in the harbour and Maremagnum shopping center and you have plenty of options to enjoy a day out in the city.

Most notable animal among the ones in their water tank is an important predator: the shark. It is connected to the Atlantic Ocean by the Strait of Gibraltar and the Black Sea by the Bosporus. The small size of its basin and its narrow connection with the Atlantic cause its tides to have very low amplitude (around 25 cm), which gives the sea its unique appearance. The Oceanarium is a microcosm of the Mediterranean Sea.

The aquarium also provides activities such as scuba diving with sharks and the fishes in the tank, only for qualified scuba divers. There is another activity for children, they can spend a night surrounded by sharks and more than 8000 fish and they will wake up to this natural show.

Opening times: 9.30 am to 9.00 pm
Weekends and bank holidays: 9.30 pm