Asturias in an amazing place, it is an autonomous community in the North of Spain, I have visited the area years ago and I loved it so I was very glad to be there again for the Travel Bloggers meeting this year 2014 hosted in Gijón. but I already told you all about my Gijón experience and I would like to explain you much more on the great places I visited.




It is a typical postcard town, a beautiful colorful fishermen town in the Coast of Asturias, we did a tour around with our tour guide Hugo who showed us around and we discovered the up part of town. Most tourists visit the famous Plaza Mayor downtown, it is plenty of houses located in a semi-circle and it looks like a amphitheatre.

There are great views from the up part of town and you can see the oldest houses that still remain. In our tour we discovered the Chapel of Humiliation, it is a gothical chapel built in XIII, it was a sacred place for fishermen, it used to be a jury/court room and also a place to have prisioners the night before they got executed.

Asturian Cliffs

If there is something famous about Asturian coast might be cliffs, so we couldn't leave without going to see some of them. We drove until Cape Vidio, what an amazing place. It is located in Oviñana town and the cliffs are 100m high, it is quite an impression, not allowed if you get dizzy.

Typical Asturias

You can't leave Asturias without trying cider, Asturian cider is very famous in Spain and they have a special way to serve it, they call it "escanciar" -pour it out-.

Their typical cheese is Cabrales, a blue cheese, not allowed for mild mouths, it is close to roquefort kind of cheese. You need to try also Cachopo and Fabada, two of their most typical dishes. Have a look at my Gijón experience for some of what I tasted.

I hope I could give you a taste of what Asturias is about!!