Baking, baking is something that is not very typical in Spain, at least it was not. Although more and more is getting trendy, and cupcake shops and sweet shops are appearing in Barcelona. I never baked with my mum as a child and know as a grown up I find baking a very relaxing and educational activity.

I am lucky to have friend that love baking and know a lot about it, Helen from the diary of a cake maker, she was my host in Glasgow and we baked together a carrot cake.

She also baked during the weekend, amazing scones that I ate for breakfast, so I can't complain. I also got addicted during the weekend to the Great British Bake Off, for those who don't don't know what it is, is a tv program broadcasted once a week about baking.

It is a contest where they want to find the best amateur baker in Great Britain, there are 12 contestants and every week one has to leave the contest. They have every week different challenges and have to bake recipes, they have technical challenges and touch different deciplines. The two judges are Mary Berry and Paul Bradford.

I found the gbbo -great british bake off- very entertaining and a mirror of the british society. British people are used to bake, and love baking at home. I admire that, it is part of their identity and every day life. You can notice that in supermarkets, kitchenware and supplies, they have a wide variety of products that cannot be found in Spain.

I could notice that too when eating at Helen's houses, her mum loved baking too and you can tell is a cultural thing. This is once of the things I love about travelling, to learn more about what people do, their culture, what they like, what is typical from where etc...

I adopted baking as part of my own culture so here is my british-catalan carrot cake, because when you learn good things you need to keep on making them happen.


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Helen commented over 7 years

Loving the asda baking tray!

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