If you are looking for a balinese massage in Barcelona, Bali Spirit is your place, a relaxing spot in Barcelona's city center that has more than 20 different types of Balinese massages.

You can feel the peace the moment you enter the place with its wooden floors, the smell of species and cinnamon and sit down in the waiting room observing what surrounds you.

The first thing, they offered me to choose was what oil I wanted to have in my massage, I loved that as I am very special with smells so this could enhance or ruin the experience.

They have 3 different oils to choose from and they change them every season, so every 3 months you will get to try other oils, is always a different smell for you if you wish. I could choose between bamboo, opium or passion fruit when I had my massage. No doubt for me, I am a fruity person and passion fruit is one of my favorites.

The room where the massage takes place is beautifully decorated and has a big tatami in the center, comfortable and cosy. It was my first time of an oil massage in a tatami, so I didn't know how it would turn out, the only thing that it was a bit challenging for me it was how to place my head as I am used to the stretcher that has a hole to place your head and breath looking down. In the room, there was a round bathtub to use before and after the massage if needed.

One of the things that I value the most when having a massage is that there is no noise, it is something distracting, it was very quiet and the music really helped get relaxed. Music is a key element for me as well, it is important that the music follows the state of mind you are in and helps you go through the massage smoothly.

The Balinese massage: Bali spirit massage

I had their signature massage, a Bali Spirit massage, its technique that has different rhythms and uses finger pressure and forearm pressure. The massage improves the overall state of mind and I can assure you I went out as good as new.

The Bali spirit massage is unique from Bali spirit, I had a 1-hour massage and the cost is 89 euros per person per hour. If you wish you can also extend the time or combine it with other services they offer.

They offer different kinds of massages from Balinese massages their specialty, facial treatments, pedicure and manicure, hair treatments, makeup service.

You can also have massages with your partner in the tatami, they have cabins big enough to have two people in it, and they even have a big cabin that can accommodate up to 8 people, so if you are thinking about a relaxed afternoon with your girlfriends this is your place.

Since I have been in Bali island in Indonesia, the Balinese massage is probably now one of my favorites with no doubt, I had as many as I could when being in the island.

Bali Spirit
Mondays from 15h to 22h

Tuesday to Saturday from 11h to 12h

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Maria Kyprioti commented about 2 years

I would like to inform me about the kind of treatment, for the massages and for the prices.thank you

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