Shopping centers are everywhere in Bangkok, each of them have their own purpose and some of them are specialized in different products. You should allow a day to go around Siam and visit them. It is the perfect plan for a rainy day, keep that in mind! This was very useful for us being there in the monsoon time.

Siam Paragon: Luxury labels such as Chanel, Lamborghini etc...

This is the posh one, there are luxury brands, it is more of an urban park with everything you need. Do not miss the food court, we ahd an amazing dinner there and also the cinema, we went to watch a 4D movie, great experience!

Siam Discovery: home furnishing and Siam Center: a goldmine of local fashion brands

These two malls are connected. You can find home decor in Siam Discovery local thai brands, it has a very youth style on clothing and accessories.

Pantip Plaza: computer gear

This mall was paradise for IT geeks, full of computer gear, from computers to software. There are different kinds of stalls or stores from flea market products to legit. There is pirated software as well as cheap mobile gear as well.

MBK Center: cheap mobile phone and other electronic devices

It is a big building full of little and big stalls of mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets and electronic devices. It is known as well for one of the best places to stock on camera gear. There is an amazing food court on the 6th floor, perfect to sit down in front of some thai food with all the shopping bags. We certainly did!

MBK shopping center

MBK shopping center