Barceló Raval a hotel right in the Rambla del Raval, the main street in Ravalarea in the city centre. The Hotel Barceló Raval stands out in this area, is a lovely building and trendy interior designed hotel, shows the landmark that the hotel is as part of the new Raval area that has been transformed in a modern and artistic area.

Is a perfect hotel to stay if you want to be in the city center but also in a good area full of restaurants and night life. I had the opportunity to know the B-Lounge and their brunch that is served from 12h to 16h. The first thing that surprised me was the decoration and design, very cool, welcoming and warm, it is always a good start.

Brunch...yummy..I had never went for a brunch as such, I mean you might have a brunch at home without noticing but another thing is to go somewhere on purpose for a brunch. Sundays are made for brunches, getting up late after partying the night before or just not in the mood to cook something.

The Brunch in Barceló Raval

The brunch is a concept from English speaking countries, the English introduced it and thank God they did, it is an amazing party of food, different kinds from breakfast sweet food to salty stuff, salads, soups, bread with ham etc...

You can start drinking water, different kinds of juices, I loved the carrot one is not very common and I love it! But you can also start strong with a cocktail, in the brunch price 25 euros per person, is included a cocktail that it can be: a bloody mary or a mimosa cocktail.

Bloody Mary: is an international cocktail made with vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce etc...

Mimosa: is a cocktail originally made with champagne, the catalan version is with cava and orange juice. Most common garnishment is grenadine.

Muffins, croissants, some chocolate, tea, nutella with some bread. i love those big muffins American style, you what I mean, those that you look at them on Starbucks!!

I am a salty person as well, I love to have rustic bread with olive oil and some ham for breakfast, and also these tasty Spanish omelettes are a temptation. I always say that the thicker the omelette the better. There were three kinds one with spinach, another one with pepper and the typical Spanish omelette. Try out the cheeses, wide variety!

Omelettes and bread with cold meat and cheese

Omelettes and bread with cold meat and cheese

Delish mini tapas to try out, there was hummus, chicken caesar salad, octopus salad etc... there were corugette soup and different kinds of cold salads such as lentil salad, pasta, chick peas salads. I loved the caesar salad, nice ingredients and great sauce, the hummus was very good too. My favorite thing the salmon baggel, one of the things I miss from London.

Salad and tapas buffet

Salad and tapas buffet

Since I saw the film the runaway bride I have always wondered, how do I like the eggs? I have always thought that only existed the omelettes and the fried eggs. But I was totally wrong, there is a whole world around eggs out there. So there I was with my dilema, you can choose between an egg benedict or and egg fiorentine that is included in the brunch menu, and you can also choose with ham or spinach.

Eggs Benedict: poached eggs with hollandaise sauce with ham served with an english muffin

I went for Eggs benedict with ham and I totally nailed it, it was the choice for me.They were just fab.

Eggs benedict with ham

Eggs benedict with ham

Last but not least, the dessert. Some fruit and cake, I have to confess that my dessert was the choco chips muffin, but don't tell anyone...shhh.

Actually it is a quite healthy brunch I must say, loads of veggie choices, fruit, cheese, salads, veggie soup. Of course a touch of lust must be there with those butter croissants and muffins, the experience was great. If you are planning to go to Barcelona or you are from Barcelona you must stop at the Barceló Raval. The brunch was exquisite and so the views from the terrace, check it out.

What about finishing the Brunch with lovely views from their Terrace 360º.

Views in 360º Terrace, cheers!

Views in 360º Terrace, cheers!

+ Information

Address : Rambla del Raval 17-21, Barcelona. It is located at 10-15 min walking distance from Catalunya Square

Barceló Raval web.

Disclaimer: The brunch has been offered by Barceló Raval Barcelona. As you always know, no one can't buy love so this is my honest opinion on the services offered.