Barcelona is an international city, but souvenirs are often related with the culture and what it is typical in a place and when you bring back home a souvenir for someone you want the object to recall the place you visited. Let me show you the authentic souvenirs going around the top 10 best souvenirs in Barcelona and also the top 3 that you shouldn't buy too.

1. Barcelona's food: cured meat, Iberian ham etc...

If you can bring food home, for me is the very best of Barcelona. Depending on where you are coming from some of the star products might sound familiar and some others might be very unknown, here are my recommendations:

Iberian ham: the star of cured meats in Spain, if you can bring some home take an Iberico. You can buy them in Reserva Ibérica in the city centre.

Fuet or llonganisa: are typical cured meats, they look like a sausage and are very typical from Catalonia. My favorite fuet is Casa Tarradellas and it is probably the most known one, of course there are many more brands but this one has a special flavor.

El Corte Inglés has a good gourmet section and you can buy different products, it is in a convenient location in the city centre and it is easy to find. 

2. The smell of good food

If you are travelling with a low cost and you dont drop off luggage it might be challenge to take food home from Barcelona, specially wine or cava and meat products such as the famous cured meats. But who said you cannot enjoy the smell of good food? This is la Típica Candela candle brand that produces candles with typical food smell. If I had to choose I would go for their pa amb tomàquet candle - bread with tomato- or their Spanish omelet candle.


3. Barça gear

Football club Barcelona is a good ambassador for our city Barcelona, and many supporters would be delighted to receive a souvenir related to the club. The soccer team has many supporters and the city has plenty of shops where you can find the official t-shirts, scarfs and different products related to the club. 

You can find official Barça shops: Ronda de la Universitat, 37 in the city center and Carrer de Mallorca, 406 in Sagrada Familia area.

4.Cava or wine

Cava is the Catalan champagne, very good and a lot cheaper than the french counterpart. If you can, I would buy a couple of bottles at least, there are different kinds. Check out our detailed post on cava so you know what is the best choice for you.

Spain is a land of wines and Catalonia is famous for that too, Priorat and Penedès wines are probably the most known but there are plenty from other places and very good ones. My recommendations for wine are: Clos Montblanc and Perlat Syrah for red and Ermita d'Espiells and Cingles Blaus for white.

5. Local brands

Camper is a very well known Barcelona shoe brand, they are famous for their style, colorful and with an unusual design. They are comfortable and fabulous, they have shoes for men and women. You also have two typical shoes for men and women that are the espardenyes and the avarcas. Read more about shopping in Barcelona and shopping for women in the city to know the areas and the products. There are plenty of artisans and Barcelona brands, the areas of Gràcia and el Born are the perfect place to find them in there little artisan shops and local designers.


6. Espardenyes

Espardenyes are the typical shoes for summer for men and women. The date back from 13th century, peasants and farmers wore them to work the land. The traditional design is a flat shoe with a rope sole that has strips to tie it to your ankle. They are unisex and in a wide range of colors and styles and the best is that prices range from 10 euros for the classical ones.

New designs for women are varied from flat ones like the classic, with wedges and peep-toes and also the heel kind, more opened or closed on the top, with the different way to tie it up.

7. Paella products

Paella is a typical dish from Spain, and in Barcelona is eaten too. If you would like to cook the dish at home, it is simple, you need the ingredients that can be found in the market but you also need some basic tools too. You need a paellera, the wide shallow pan that is where the rice is cooked, that is a good investment if you plan to cook paellas. You should purchase also the bomba rice, a special one to cook a true paella and also the mixture of spices called paellero that will help you give the flavor.


8. OMG Barcelona products

This cute shop it is called OMG because this is what Estela and Lu want you to say when you come in. You take a piece of Barcelona with you on every purchase, they support design made in Barcelona. Plaça de la Llana, 7 08003 Barcelona

9. Pinza't: hand painted bags made in Barcelona

I love this brand, Pinza't, they produce hand painted bags made in Barcelona, some of them with paintings of the same city. A useful souvenir, a bag that will remind you of the city, and even to buy one for you! Apart from being beautiful bags, they are made with recycled products such as truck canvas that are pvc layers, seatbelts and they use waterproof ink. Carrer de Grunyí, 7, 08003 Barcelona

10. Porró

If you can't get the wine, you can get the recipient were Catalans put the wine. A porró is a watering can-shaped glass pitcher that holds approximately 3/4 of a liter of wine. The objective is to drink from it, from the pitcher to your mouth with precision, although beginners should start with the spout very close otherwise you will end up with wine all over your shirt and face.

And of course, I need to warn you of what souvenirs you should not buy in Barcelona too:

  • The mexican hat: Barcelona has nothing to do with these Mexican hats that you can see in Las Ramblas, bear in mind that this is just a topic for those believing that Spain is right after Mexico. I have nothing against mexican hats but are not typical, so don't bring them as a souvenir.
  • Flamenco: ladies and gents, Flamenco is not typical from Barcelona and not even from the rest of Spain, only in Andalucía. Please do not buy flamenco related products since it is not part of the culture.
  • T-shirts: When I go around the city centre I see lousy t-shirts with siesta, paella and party among other topics. Barcelona is much more than that and I hope that with our selection you are not tempted anymore to buy a t-shirt of this kind.

¿What do you think? Help others with your opinion and experience

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