Barcelona is one of the first harbours of the Mediterranean, with 6 international passenger terminals and excellent services and facilities is one of the entrances to the city for many passengers every year. Barcelona is one of the top most visited cities in the world, so no wonder why now there are so many cruise routes that start in the city.

How to get to the harbour?

The cruise terminals at the Port of Barcelona has excellent transport links from different parts of the city. The World Trade Center terminals are just 400 metres away from the public transport network (bus and metro L3 Drassanes). 

There are only two ways to get to the cruise terminals: using the portbus shuttle or a taxi to get to your cruise. The T3 portbus shuttle takes cruise passengers from Plaza de Colón in central Barcelona to terminals A, B, C and D (Palacruceros) on the Adossat wharf.

The blue bus, called Portbus, goes to all terminals of the harbour until the Colon monument both ways. The price of the ride is 2 euros for a single ticket and 3 euros for a return, the tickets can only be bought in cash into the bus. In the portbus you cannot use any transport ticket bought for metro, bus or others, you need to buy a ticket onboard. Generally the bus comes every 30 minutes, but there is no fixed schedule, the cruise terminals coordinate the times of the bus with the company. 

The other option is to take a taxi from the cruise terminal until the city center, and it will cost around 10 euros and the duration is less than 10 minutes.

You can also walk if you wish, Las Ramblas is only a 10-minute walk from the closest terminal to the city, but bear in mind that there are 7 terminals and if you arrive to the las one, is a 2km walk so it might not be a good option to walk.

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Cruises in Barcelona

In the Barcelona harbour, there are 9 terminals between cruise terminals and ferry ones. The terminals A,B,C and D is located in the Adossat wharf and those are the ones far from the city. There are also three terminals near the World Trade Centre building, called North, South and West. There is a ferry terminal nearby called Sant Bertrand, where the ferries going to Balearic islands are. There is a little terminal too in Maremagnum Port Vell, but this one is mainly used for big boats but not cruise ships.

I used to work in the port for some time when I was young and if there was one issue that happened every day was the necessary visas to travel on the cruise ship. If you buy a cruise online, research if you need any additional documentation apart from the passport to visit the countries that are on the route. I have seen so many people stay and not be able to board the cruise because of that reason, and no one will return your money if it was a miss on your side.

Allocate enough time to arrive into the cruise terminal, this is another big issue, time goes by very fast and you don't realize but the cruise has a time to depart and will do it without you if you don't make it in time.If you are planning to buy a holiday cruise, you can check out the cruise companies from Barcelona.

Ferries in Barcelona harbour

The port of Barcelona as mentioned has three terminals dedicated for ferries and short sea shipping. There are different companies that work in that terminal:

BaleàriaTrasmediterráneaGrandi Navi Veloci and Grimaldi linesThe destinations on the ferry lines vary, but they go mainly to Balearic islands, Morocco, Italy and the islands of Sardinia and Sicily among others.