When travelling you never know what is gonna happen and even if you are in the optimistic side of things it is always good to know the basic emergency numbers in town or know where to find them. We explained you already how to avoid being robbed in Barcelona and what to do if eventually you are robbed in the city.

We hope this does not happen to you but if you take the necessary precautions and follow our local tips it should help you mitigate the risks. Here I leave you the numbers of the main credit cards in case you need to call them, it can be as simple as a card not working or demagnetized that cannot withdraw money anymore so you will need your bank to check it out:

  • Servired 902 192 100
  • American Express 902 375 637
  • Dinner's Club 900 801 331
  • Tarjeta 4B 902 114 400/ 913 626 200
  • Visa 900 991 124/ 915 192 100
  • Mastercard 900 971 231 0
  • CaixaBank 902 200 202
  • Bankia 902 246 810
  • Abanca 902 121 314
  • Banc Sabadell 938 916 500/ 902 323 000
  • Catalunya Caixa 934 799 914
  • Banco Santander 902 242 424
  • BBVA 902 224 466

Emergencies in Barcelona

For emergencies in the capital, there are different telephone numbers you can call to if you need asistance, find a selection we have done for you on the main emergency services. Your hotel or accommodation should be aware of this numbers and you can always ask at recpetion or concierge. If you are staying in an apartment, depending on the kind of service you booked it might be a bit more difficult to ask someone so you have all the numbers here in case you need them.

  • General emergencies 112
  • CatSalut Respon (Medical emergencies) 061
  • Fire service 080
  • Guàrdia Urbana (local police) 092
  • Mossos d'Esquadra (Catalan police force) 112
  • Policia Nacional 091
  • Guàrdia Civil (police force) 062
  • Duty Magistrates Courts (24-hours) 935 548 650
  • Special taxis for people with reduced mobility 934 208 088
  • Barcelona Informació (from Barcelona) 010 (*)
  • Lost property office 010 (*)
  • Abandoned vehicles 092
  • Consumer assistance 934 027 841

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