Barcelona is a paradise for foodies and Barcelona markets are a must stop for any interested in the culinary vibe in the city. Local markets in the city are the place where locals go to get their groceries on a weekly basis, it is part of the routine for those living in Barcelona and a total discovery for those visiting the city.

Santa Caterina market

The Santa Caterina market opened in in 1848, it was the first covered market that existed in Barcelona. In 2005 it was renovated by local prestigious architects and they kept the neoclassical façade and created an incredible canopy of multiple coloured tiles.

There are different stalls with fresh products and there is also a restaurant within the market called Les Cuines de Santa Caterina, they offer a wide selection of tapas and it is a nice place to stop by for lunch.

Santa Caterina Market: Avda Francesc Cambó 16. Opening times: Mon 7.30am-2pm, Tue-Wed 7.30am-3.30pm, Thu-Fri 7.30am- 8.30pm, Sat 7am–3.30pm

Sant Antoni market

Sant Antoni's market opened in 1882 and is located in an incredible Modernist building, the market is currently being renovated and the stalls moved to a nearby location but I would recommend you to see the modernist building which is the original building.

The area of Sant Antoni is an incredible neighbourhood, trendy restaurants, shops and a local vibe difficult to forget. Not only is a good market with fresh products of all kinds but there is also a great second-hand book market and coin market in the streets nearby.

Sant Antoni marketRonda Sant Antoni 1. Opening times: Mon-Thu 7am-2.3pm and 5-8.30pm, Fri-Sat 7am–8.30pm

Llibertat Market

Gràcia neighbourhood has a Modernist market as well, the Llibertat market that opened in 1888, the market has iron on the façades and a ceramic tiled roof.

The market has the traditional stalls with fresh fish and meat and vegetable stands there are also gourmet stalls. There is a nice stall on number 49-50 that sells olives, tuna, pickles and canned conserves. In both Llibertat market and Santa Caterina market there are cheese and wine tastings organized often.

Llibertat market: Plaça de la Llibertat, 27. Opening times: Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 8am-3pm

Galvany market

Galvany market is located in Sant Gervasi neighbourhood, a posh area in Barcelona, the upper part of town. The market is an elegant brick building that was built in 1868. This market is located in the swanky, uptown Sant Gervasi neighbourhood, and the elegant brick building with iron works and stained glass windows, completed in 1868, was erected on ground donated by the Baron of Galvany.

In the market you can find stalls of any kind with high-quality products such as sushi and noodle dishes, German specialities and craft beers, there are a lot of delicatessen stalls in this market.

Galvany market: C/Santaló 65. Opening times: Mon-Thu 7am-2.30pm, Fri and Sat 7-2.30pm

Mercat de la Boqueria

La Boqueria is the most known market in Barcelona, is located in the city centre in Las Ramblas in a space where used to be a Sant Josep convent, that's why it is also known as Sant Josep market. The market starts in the XIII century when there were stalls but with no market structure in the area, near las Ramblas, this concept of open air market was the beginning with no order in ancient times. In 1848, they built the neoclassical façade accompanied by the jonic columns, the most characteristic part is the iron structure that covers the market and part of the main façades.

La Boqueria is a very special market, full of products exportef from other countries, high quality products of all kinds, gourmet stalls and delicatessen products. This market is where every buyer in Barcelona goes to if you are looking for a very concrete product that is not easy to find.

La BoqueriaC Rambla, 91. Opening times: From Monday to Saturday from 8am to 20:30h.

Mercat del Ninot


The Ninot market is located in a historical place, from 1893 it eas located an open air market. The market originally was called " El Porvenir", but popularly it was called El Ninot as there is a little child figure in the façade. There is a shopping area near the market which makes this market one of the most important ones in the city. There are restaurants in the same stalls in the market, perfect for lunch time or for an early dinner, we stopped at La Medusa and has a nice fishy dinner at the local market.

Mercat del Ninot: Carrer de Mallorca, 133-157. Opening times: From Monday to Saturday from 8 to 21:15h.

You can see all information about the markets in Barcelona markets, you need to know that markets are opened in the morning mainly and if some are opened in the afternoon there is a good chance that some stalls are closed. On Mondays markets close as a general rule, and if they are open normally fish stalls are closed. 

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