I am sure you know Barcelona for many reasons, because of Gaudí, its charming gothic area, the seaside and the beach but I am pretty certain that I will surprise if I tell you that the biggest pornographic sites in United States, Kink, films in Barcelona often.

Kink specializes in bondage and S&M and you will be able to see Barcelona in some of their productions, it seems that Barcelona is a lot cheaper than cities and there is a more relaxed attitude towards nudity. I am not sure I agree with this, and I am certainly not very excited that my city becomes a theme park for porn, but hey there are opinions that are contrary to mine.

I can't imagine seeing a family with kids walking through Barcelona cathedral and bump into a couple completely naked and practising S&M, but again it might be just me... We are talking about scenes such as young women cuffed and being hit with a wooden stick in a narrow alley in the Gothic area, and of course tourists and locals taking pictures of the bizarre scene.

Kink offers 7 videos filmed in Barcelona in emblematic places as it is La Rambla, Espanya Industrial Gothic area, the Cathedral, the Maremagnum or Plaça Catalunya. They have these videos in their section of public disgrace videos, where you can see Barcelona appearing explicitly showing the most known places of the city, apart from filming in the street there are also scenes in shops and other indoor spaces in the same city.

Barcelona is one of the favorite scenarios for Kink clients, it seems that the public from US subscribed to these channels not only they like the "actors performance" but also the scene, the decoration and above all the architecture from the gothic. For the

I don't want you to think that the company Kink are the devils of the story, there are more companies filming porn in Barcelona, but filming in less known places. I can understand is their business and if they don't find many blockers this is what they will do. I truly believe that the authorities should ban it and prosecute it, as it is giving an image of the city that is not true or similar to people's values and it promotes certain behaviors that should not be allowed.

Actually, recenty there has been a lot of polemic in Barcelona as a couple of tourists was seen having sex in the platform of L3 in the metro, and they were not caught, I mean they knew what they were doing it was at night but there were people in the platform. The scene is a bit astonishing, and I wonder how come did we get to that, although these are isolated events it gives the impression that anything can be done in Barcelona.

Disclaimer: CJ lower back picture by Angrylambie