Sketching has been very trendy nowadays, and artists and tourists are sketching the cities they visit, Barcelona could be no different and sketching in Barcelona has become popular. Sketching is a new way of remembering a place or a moment far fro photography but close enough to make your memories come back. 

A sketch is a rapidly executed freehand drawing, normally it is not intended as a finished work. Sketches can be done in any medium, from graphite, pencil, pastel, watercolor, oil paint etc... If the sketches are done in watercolours are called watercolor sketches, and lately, they seem to be the most chosen way of sketching.

Barcelona sketching books

What best than bringing home a piece of Barcelona with you through a sketchbook of the city in your hands. I have compiled a selection of books and notebooks related to sketching in Barcelona for you to enjoy the art and it might be the perfect souvenir or gift to someone who is in love with Barcelona.

Barcelona travel notebook by Sagar

There is a Travel Notebook by the artist Sagar that will take around Barcelona with his drawings. The Illustration is another way of discovering cities and sightseeing through a piece of paper with all you need on it. You can discover the city's neighbourhoods through sketches and illustrations.

The book is unique in the sense that there are very known places such as Plaça Sant Felip Neri or Park Güell but there are also other more local places that make the collection of drawings a complete 360º of Barcelona city.

sagar sketch book barcelona

Modernisme beyond Gaudí by Lapin

A sketching book about the Modernishm beyond Gaudí in Barcelona, the ciy deserves a second chance at incredible architecture beyond Gaudí, that it is with no doubt the star of the city but there is more. You will see Art Nouveau, buildings such as Palau de la Música, the Parc de la Ciutadella or the Hospital de Sant Pau.

Top Tapas Guide Barcelona Santi Sallés

No tour around the city should be complete without a food stop, and this is because in Barcelona we love food, and above all tapas are part of the culture. With this sketchbook you will go around tapas in the city and through the sketches and colors, I can assure you that hunger will come.

Enjoy Gaudí Swasky

Gaudí is with no doubt one of the mustsee attractions in Barcelona, he was an incredible architect and his buildings cannot be confused. They are colourful, full of decorations and art work.