Going around the city in a comfy taxi for your own in air conditioning might be a tempting choice, but it is not the cheapest option and sometimes not the quickest one either. So let me explain you how it works and give you my local tips to use the service only when there is an advantage for you.

Barcelona's taxis might not be as famous as the ones in New York city but they are easy to spot, being black and yellow, you might find different kinds of cars but the yellow and black rule stands. 

Where to find taxis in Barcelona?

The easiest way to catch a taxi is to go to a taxi rank where they gather in a raw in order of arrival, you fill find them always in a corner. If you don't see any taxi rank near by, you can always stop a taxi on the street. In order to stop a taxi raise your hand to flag that you want one, if they are freee -green light- they will stop.

Uber in Barcelona is not operating as a taxi in case you were wondering, the only part of business that is active is Uber eats that is a home delivery service of food by this american company. 

You can also call a taxi or ask your hotel or restaurant to call them for you.  If you download an app you can book it online: as apps we have my taxi, hallo, joinup taxi and pide taxi or call a taxi to Radio Taxi Barcelona 936-936-936.

When to use a taxi in Barcelona?

It is the perfect option once you get to the city by plane or train, to get to your destination and forget about your bags. The price from the airport to the city center is around 30 euros. Since the Prat airport is only 16km far from the city, it is normally a quick ride.

If your destination is difficult to reach on public transport, the taxi is the option to get you there but note that the taxi at peak hours might not be the fastest of transports.

Taxi fares

Taxi fares change from time to time, the last change was on 2014. The prices vary depending on the time of the day, if it is a festivity or if there are supplements on the journey.  Check the current prices in Barcelona's official taxi website.

So you understand the different range prices in the list, the first Tariff, T1, is from 8am to 20pm workdays in the Barcelona Metropolitan area, T2 tariff is from Monday to Friday from 20pm to 8am and saturdays from 8am to 20pm and public holidays from 6am to 20pm.  And the third tariff, T3 is from 20pm to 6am on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

These are some examples of journeys and prices:

  • Plaça Catalunya to Sagrada Familia: 10 euros
  • Barcelona airport to Plaça Catalunya: 30 euros