Barcelona will have the biggest hospital dedicated to Chinese traditional medicine in Europe, becoming the centre of this discipline in the continent. 

The project consists of a hospital dedicated to Traditional Chinese medicine and also a new university degree traditional Chinese medicine done in the Barcelona university and the University Pompeu Fabra. They are also thinking about cultivated the needed plants to use in the treatments as well as producing those herbal Chinese products. They will also establish the offices for the European Development and Promotion Centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Barcelona and with all these specialized facilities they expect to increase the use and application of these techniques in the city.

The Chinese traditional medicine is a combination of traditional medicine practices related to the mind, therapy and also the superstition that was developed in China and evolved in one of the most ancient cultures in the world. It is a culture that is based in acupuncture, massages, Chinese plants and many more elements that have a great curative value. The Chinese medicine helps prevent illnesses and works with the pacient with a non-invasive treatment.

The effectivity of these kind of treatments and the conscience of those in the population that prefer to be treated with therapies that are not invasive and do not have secondary effects are some of the reasons to be one of the oldest medical systems known nowadays and that are still used and demanded.

Very soon...we will have the Barcelona Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine!!