Barcelona zoo is a classic for children when visiting Barcelona, is located in Ciutadella Park and it has been in town since 1892. The zoo is home of 4000 animals and more than 400 species along with dolphin shows, a petting farm and they also have children's workshops. The first animals in the zoo came from a private collection by Lluís  Martí i Codolar. The zoo occupies 13 hectares and is a good way to spend the day in the city as there is a wide selection of picnic areas and a play park for kids.

Barcelona zoo spaces

In Barcelona zoo, each animal has its own area, created in such a way as to make the animal feel at home. These are some of the most notable facilities that you can enjoy on the park.  Looking at the map you see the different areas and the animals located in each part drawn in the same map.

Barcelona Zoo map

Barcelona zoo animals

The zoo is home of different kind of animals, some typical from the Mediterranean and others coming from far away countries. There are species of amphibian, reptiles, mammifers, bars and hedgehogs among others. Birds are the most extense population with more than 139 species in the same zoo. 

There are not only animals but also flora, there are are around 1200 trees and 96 different species and some of them are more than 100 years old.

As mentioned, the most famous animal of all times in Barcelona zoo was Floquet de neu, a white orangutan from Guinea, and he was so special as it was the only known albino gorilla. He lives 39 years, a lot more than the average for his species, he had 22 children but none of them inherited the albino gene.

Opening times and Prices

The zoo opens up at 10am and the closing time is between 5pm to 8pm depending on the time of the year. You can check out the schedule in Zoo Barcelona.

Adults from 16 euros

Child: from 10 euros

There are two access points: One through the Park of the Ciutadella and the other by Carrer Wellington, next to the Passeig de Circumval•lació (ring road).