Bernie's Diner Grill is an authentic American diner in Barcelona with a retro appeareance, in the Born area in the city center. I am not a huge fan of fast food to be honest, and sometimes there is the feeling that American cuisine is only fast food, but you just need to pick the right place and right foods really.

The first impression of the place is amazing, the decoration is incredible you feel transported to the 50's, a jukebox in every table, Marilyn and Elvis posters around. The restaurant has a 50's decoration, tables with and white and red sofas, very nice! They offer service at night until 2am, a real American diner in Barcelona, even in the opening times.

Bernie's Diner Grill food

Bernie's burger

Bernie's burger

If there is an American dish that is famous all around are the BBQ ribs, bad for me that they are not of my liking, but the truth is that Bernie's diner has the best in town from what I am told. If you do like ribs, is their specialty, they are famous for their slow american food, they also have t-bone and entrecôtes. The mac and cheese is also another one well known, and as a good diner they have it in the menu.

We chose from the menu, fried green tomatoes and bravas for starters, you know how much I like bravas, and this ones could easily be in the best bravas in barcelona, as they have this all i oli taste with a spicy sauce that I like.

I loved the fried green tomatoes since I saw the movie, so I thought it was a great opportunity to try them out and we loved them! Very tasty their recipe with their own touch, fried tomatoes with cheese and some guacamole on top. Delicious!

As a main dish, we took a burger, more than anything I am a fan of gourmet hamburgers in Barcelona. One of the most important things is the meat and quality of ingredients. Very good meat and garnishments, we had the burgers with side potatoes, we tried rustic potatoes and grille shape potatoes. They cut their own potatoes one by one, they are natural and fried, I hate those frozen potatoes, so it was a plus for me!

I liked that they have different types of french fries that you can choose from: criss-cross fries -fried crispy original chips-, rustic potatoes -bigger, hand-cut and unpeeled- and homemade french fried.

You need to leave some stomach space for dessert, you can't miss it!! We had a taste of some of the delish cakes and desserts there are in the menu and of course a milk shake 50's style.

We had apple crumble, it is a must and cheese cake new york kind also very good and for chocolate addicts the brownie with vanilla ice cream. And we couldn't have a dessert without a milk shake 50's style I felt like Sandy in the Frosty Palace in Grease. We had a strawberry one and a banana, totally worth it! Milkshakes are a big part of diners products, they have a wide variety of flavors: yogurt with red fruits, coffee and baileys, strawberry cheese cake, mango and vanilla, fresh banana, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.

All desserts

All desserts

Disclaimer: I was invited to try the American slow food at Bernie's Diner Grill, but as always the opinion is my own.