Burgers, bacon, cheese, onion and french fries what a perfect plan for a dinner, but burgers do change a lot from one place to another one, I don't like any burgers I do like Gourmet burgers. Barcelona has copied all the cool stuff from NYC, gin and tonics, cupcakes and of course gourmet burger restaurants are not exception.

What is a gourmet burger? A burger with style, quality products, very far from fast food is a pleasure for foodies.

My two favorite places in Barcelona are:

La Burg

A new discovered place of 2013 and I love it, amazing bravas, on the top of my private selection of the best bravas in Barcelona and also great burgers with quality ingredients and amazing combinations for all tastes.

4 choices of salad, 4 extra garnishments -french fries, bravas, papas arrugás and nachos-, 13 ways to present a burger with very surprising combinations, one of them fresh foie that is part of Gourmet Burguer.

Check out our choices, aren't you willing to go right now?

Mozzarella and pesto

Mozzarella and pesto


DIY Burger, you pick absolutely everything on it, the bread, the meat and size of the burger, the sauce, what garnishment you wish, and you have a full list of add ons such as onion, egg poché, fried or boiled, pesto...

And not only burgers are amazing so are desserts, you have to try out the mojito and the gyn and tonic solid, they are spectacular, for the chocolate lovers there are also choc options. You end up with your perfect burger and ingredients of your choice.