When travelling to a destination it is good to know what kind of apps you can use to take the most out of your trip, I will show you the best mobile apps for Barcelona. You might think that in a city such as Barcelona, being a smart city and the location for the Mobile World Congress it would be difficult to choose just 10 apps to share with you. The truth is, that it wasnt that difficult, since as everything in life, there are not many people who do things right, so we have chosen apps that cover a need, are easy to use or the information in it and the service provided is of value.

1. My taxi app

It might surprise you that it is quite difficult to pay by credit card in a taxi, and nowadays more and more people don't have large amounts of cash on it. I wouldn't recommend it as Barcelona is famous to be one of the best cities for pickpockets, but if you follow my advice you won't have to suffer from it.

Check the instructions and our review of the My Taxi app, and you can get a free 20 euro voucher for your first journey. The app is great since you can have your credit card or paypal account configured and pay through them when you order a taxi through the app. It is very convenient and now every time I need a taxi a use it. I hate paying with cash if I have electronic options for it.

  • Cost of app: free
  • Platforms: vailable on both iOS and Android.
  • Best thing: you can have favorite drivers, book in advance and pay through paypal or credit card.

2. The ‘Official Guide to Barcelona’

Barcelona tourism has created this so called official guide to Barcelona that has interactive tourism information. It is available in different languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian and German. You can navigate the content by category, photos, areas of interest etc..

You have the ability to see location maps so you can built your route through the city and make it easier to locate the places where you want to go.

  • Cost of app: free.
  • Best thing: it is the most complete free guide I found. Has information about monuments, basic info on the city and all you will need to move around.
  • Platforms: available on both iOS and Android.

3. Gaudí BCN

Gaudí BCN offers audio content during one hour to discover Gaudí most famous buildings in Barcelona, 5 of them are UNESCO World Heritage. Those are Sagrada Familia, Park Güell and Casa Batlló among others. The good thing about the app is that you can discover the buildings on your own with all the advantages of having a guide. There are different chapters and each of them is focused in a specific topic around Gaudí and his art. There is also practical information about how to get to the buildings, prices and opening times.

  • Cost of app: free.
  • Best thing: it can be used offline. Hear all details of Gaudi while enjoying a route on your own.
  • Platforms: available on both iOS and Android.

Gaudí app

4. Medieval Barcelona

Medieval BCN is another app from Barcelona tourism that helps you discover the medieval architecture in town. You can visit the featured landmarks at your own pace through the voice of Jordi who is a local architect and interior designer

As well as the Gaudí guide, each chapter is focused in a medieval era, and has descriptions and music to make alive the different times that the app explains.

  • Cost of app: free.
  • Best thing: it can be used offline. Hear all details of Medieval Barcelona while enjoying a route on your own.
  • Platforms: available on both iOS and Android.

5. TMB app

The TMB app is the official public transportation app in Barcelona, it provides information about the metro, bus lines and stops in the city. You can do searched for travel directions from place to place and the system shows you the combination needed (bus+metro+walking), it gives you the estimated time to get to your destination and the options you have of transports. 

  • Cost of app: free.
  • Best thing: great app to check out bus scheduled, metro lines and stops and all related with the public means of transport in the city.
  • Platforms: available on both iOS and Android.

6. Spotted by locals

You can find monuments and must do things in every guide in paper and through an app. But this app is a bit different, is spotted by locals where you can discover the city as if you were living here. Locals select places that you must explore and is full of insider tips. 

  • Cost of app: free.
  • Best thing: it can be used offline and local tips are great!
  • Platforms: available on both iOS and Android.

spotted by locals