The Thai gardens in Barcelona is an amazing thai restaurant with a romantic atmosphere. It is one of my favorites, great food and you feel as if you were in Thailand during your meal. Everything is decoration and detail in everything, wooden furniture, fresh flowers, little light, the staff is well dressed in an oriental way.

The Thai Gardens is located in Passeig de Gràcia, in a luxury location the restaurant could not be less, it is a kind of luxury restaurant, I remember the first time I got in I thought I was going to be ripped off. But don't worry, it is a top end restaurant but with a mid-range price (25-40 euros per pax), the decoration is amazing.

At the entrance you can find a gong, a chill out area with colourful sofás a golden budas around they will welcome you with a vow and their hands in their chest. You feel already in Thailand but in a paradise, it has nothing to do with the chaos of street food but more likely with the luxurious resorts.

This restaurant is one of my favorites because of the food, is the best thai I have tasted in Barcelona, I am totally in love with the green curry king prawns and their thai tapas to share. There are plenty of choices, there is a closed menu so you can taste all their specialties, it is quite good if it is your first time as you can eat some of each dish, meat, fish, vermicelli etc...




I love the service, it is amazing, they pay attention to every detail, I always feel like home. The waiters and waitress remember your order by heart, they don't take notes of what you order. This always amazes me, as I don't remember what I did yesterday, so no way I could remember all orders of a table.

They have a great selection of wines as well so you can match their great food with some wine make it perfect. I always order ice cream as a dessert, I would recommend you the ones made from fruit: mango, coconut, maracuyá. The flavour is incredible, very intense.

Do not miss the desserts, save some space in your belly to eat some sticky rice or tropical fruit.



Thai Gardens – Thai Barcelona
My recommendation is to book a table, as if not you might have to queue for a while.
The price is between 25-40 euros per person, depending on what you order.
There are also more affordable choices, they offer a lunch menu for 15, 40 euros per person from monday to friday.

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