If you are a bicycle lover, Barcelona has a public transportation service using bikes to move around the city. Bicing is a transport sharing service, very easy to use and sustainable that is used by the citizens to move around the city.

There are two kinds of bicing services, normal bikes and electric ones, depending on how long is the duration and if you are going up a hill, the electric bike might be your best choice. Only residents that have a NIE or DNI can use the bicing, and you need to be older than 16 years old to use the service. If you are between 16 and 17 years old you will need your parents authorization to use the service.

How to join Bicing?

You need to register and ask for your bicing card, once you ask for it you will receive it in your home with all needed information to use the service. Once you have your card, you can start using the service, you go to a bicing station and you take a bike, you use it during your journey and then you take the bike back to a bicing station. The price is almost 48 euros for the anual fee for normal bicing and if you want to use the electrical bikes too is an additional 14 euros, so a total of 62 euros per year.

The concept behind the service is that it is to be used to move around the city from one point to another one, for this reason, the firs 30 minutes are included in the annual free. If you exceed these 30 minutes, you pay for the extra time you use the bike, to a maximum of 2 hours per journey.

Bear in mind that Bicing and electrical bicing are not a public rent of bikes to use recreationally. They are a means of transport and a great complementary transport in the city, the aim is to cover the little journeys that are done within the city. If you would like to rent a bike to do a touristic route through Barcelona or do an excursion, you can check bike rental.

The service and schedule

The service is on 365 days a year, from Monday to Thrusday works all day except from 2am to 5am, in this time range you can only give back bikes but not take a new journey.On Friday the service works all day except from 3am to 5am, the same story, only bikes can be returned during that time not take new ones. On Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays the service works 24 hours a day.

There are bicing stations scattered all across the city, and they even have an app to check where are they near you, how many bikes are left and all necessary information to know to use the service.

Bicing map