I love Terres de l'Ebre landscape, since I was a child I have been going for day trips to Terres de l'Ebre, it is a beautiful area. Recently Terres de l'Ebre has entered as a new Unesco Biosphere reserve due to his particular ecosystems. It is a fantastic excuse to go visit them, a bike tour it is the best g It is the perfect spot to visit by bike as it is easy to ride through the rice fields and next to the river, it can be done by anyone as all paths are flat, no gradient or blockages on the road.

Bike Tour

We had a hard time deciding what itinerary to choose. We finally decided to take the bike tour that started in Deltebre from the Ecomuseum until the Ebre river. Check out the route, number 2: Bike tour Ecomuseum-River Ebre.

We started the route in Deltebre at the tourism office where they explained us how to organize the route, the references we could use in the landscape to know where to go. It is a good idea once you download an itinerary on the web to also double check in the tourism office as landscape changes with time and there might be some modifications to the route you originally wanted to follow. Here you have the complete list of itineraries for Terres de l'Ebre.

We started our route, It was the first time I got a bike since I was 12 or something like that so the first 5 minutes were a challenge but as everything you learnt to do it starts coming back how to ride. I loved the experience, riding next to the river, the rice fields, the wind, looking at the birds and animals we were passing by on the route, arriving at the beach in Riumar and having an amazing lunch by the river.

We used the bikes of Riu a l'Ebre, Joan was very kind to bring the bikes to the tourism office so we could start our route there. The price of the bikes for half day per person is 7 euros and 10 euros for a full day. What we loved about the service is that they also offer to pick you up and your bikes and believe me you will be needing it if you have lunch at half way through the route, as it happened with us.

The tour: Rice fields

The tour: Rice fields

Our amazing lunch at Casa Nuri

A bike tour could only be followed by a lunch in the well known restaurant in Riumar called Casa Nuri and try some dishes and fish typical from the area. In Terres de l'Ebre one of the typical things is rice but as I had already eaten so much in the TBM in the previous days we wanted to try out fish. So there we were with this astonishing fish with potatoes and a salad to go along! Delicious, no words to describe it and we were so famish after our bike tour that we ate every single bit of it.

After lunch time it was so hard to get into the bike again so we went back with Joan and the bikes with the van to our starting point at the tourist office in Deltebre. What an amazing journey!!! Totally recommended and you will see amazing landscape and great food of course!

Disclaimer: This experience was possible thanks to Diputació de Tarragona, part of the agenda of the Travel Bloggers Meeting who offered a custom experience to us with the help of the companies involved in the services mentioned in the post. As always the is my honest opinion of the services offered.