Bosc de les Fades café it is a must stop, a fairy tail café in Barcelona, you will be surrounded by magical creatures, fountains and a forest with trees, the decoration is incredible with this esoteric land of fairies.

The café is right next to the Wax Museum, it is a good tandem to visit the museum and have a cocktail at the Bosc de les Fades. In the main room at the café, there is plenty of space to set under the artificial vegetation or at the same bar. 

There is a private grotto where you can get lost in the depth of the forest, it is a nice hidden place to enjoy the night. As you can imagine, fairy forests are hard to find and el Bosc de les Fades is no exception.

The atmosphere of the bar it is worth a visit, go at night to take a drink and get inside this urban fantasy. You will enjoy the café winding around their labyrinth of hallways and doorways decorated with fairies, trees and leaves.

At each time of the day the atmophere of the abr changes as the time and people inside change as well, it can be an incredible place for a stop with friends, family and with your partner. But at night is the place to get more intimate, as the light goes down and decoration brings a mystic atmosphere, the perfect place for some cocktails and a nice conversation.

It is not the cheapest places in town though and from 17pm increase, if you went in the morning you might notice different prices.  They serve coffee and tea, fizzy drinks, cocktails, beers and also cold and hot sandwiches, they have tapas as well if you want something to eat.

Opening times:

From Monday to Friday from 10h to 01h. Saturdays, Sundays, and festivities are from 11:00h to 01h.

This café, is located in the centre of town in an alley near Las Ramblas, two minutes far from the coast, the Gothic area. You can get there getting off the L3 at Drassanes stop, or by bus taking any of the following lines: 120, 14, 59, 91, 64, D20, H14

Bosc de les Fades