Brunch, is this meal done instead of breakfast and lunch, perfect for Sundays, when you get up late and you don't want to eat too much because you need to have lunch but neither too little as you need a proper breakfast.

This is when brunch is handy, so let's do something in the middle and have these mixed meal that can be sweet or/and salty, all together, the perfect mix. In Barcelona has become so popular that has become one of the must dos on the weekend.

We always get used to the good things so brunch is an add on to catalan culture, although before everyone called it brunch we already had our catalan version of it called: esmorzars de forquilla, literally translated as fork breakfast, as you needed a fork to eat it, which means actually a full dish of something far beyond toasties, more like eggs, meat etc...

You know I am always out as much as I can so I will recommend you the ones I have tried myself, but there are many others out there waiting to be discovered.

La Federal

This is one of my favorite places for brunch in Barcelona, two storeys tall, La Federal is perfect in summer, they have a beautiful green terrace on the top, shared tables and an extense menu. Cocktails, eggs benedict, toasts, cake and smoothies. It is worth a visit, no doubt. Although, it is quite packed normally, in good places you always need to queue.

Price: 15/20 euros per person for a full dish + drink

Brunch and Cake

Another famous one in Barcelona, they have different places from the same brand, some with only cakes and cupcakes, but brunch and cake has salty and sweet: cakes, banana loafs, eggs, burgers, home made bread and kitchen non stop. Can you ask for more?

Price: smoothie/soft drink + 1 dish= 15 euros aprox.

Bar Calders

One of my favorite non bravas potatoes, their calders bravas with spicy sauce and guacamole are delicious. The perfect place for a vermut (nibble before lunch, very typical in Spain). Beer in hand and some tapas.

Price: around 15 euros per person, beer and a couple of dishes -depending on the orders-

Calders potatoes

Calders potatoes

Barceló Raval: feel like a princess with that brunch

The paradise of brunches with no doubt, a lovely brunch in the city center a whole buffet waiting for you. You have included a cocktail in the price and all beverages in the buffet (juice, water, coffee, tea etc...). Check my experience at Barceló Raval brunch

Salty: salads, tapas, omelettes, embutidos -cured meat-, bread etc...

Sweet: muffins, cake, chocolate, croissants and other pastries...

Price: 25 euros per person, all you can eat buffet + 1 cocktail included in the price

Salad and tapas buffet

Salad and tapas buffet