As you know, my hen party took place in Brussels, not a typical hen party but more a travel related one with my beloved Fashiontravelbloggers ladies, we had a great time and visited as much as we could in three days. I already explained you all the details about chocolate in Brussels and how to make your own with Laurent Gerbaud's help, a well known chocolatier in the city. Now it's turn to show you what to visit in Brussels.

What to visit in Brussels

One of the most typical postcards in Brussels is with no doubt Manneken Pis, I imagined the little kid a bigger but he has his touch and we managed to see him naked but also all dressed up on the second day we were in the city. The Manneken Pis has different costumes, he has 23 dressings planned around the year on fixed dates and he receives gifts as well so he has a big wardrobe of more than 900 costumes.

They not only have a Manneken Pis but there is a whole family of pissing statues in Brussels, it is at least interesting to have a look: Zinneken pis (the dog can be found at the corner of rue des Chartreux and rue du Vieux-Marché) and Jeanneke Pis (manneken little sister to be found in a small side street across from Delirium Cafe).


Brussels is all about art, museums, gorgeous art nouveau buildings and also street art. And I didnt know it also famous for comics, from the smurfs, Tintin, Blake and Mortimer, Lucky Luke etc...

I was surprised to find a comic character, a young reporter who gets involved in dangerous cases that goes around with his dog called Snowy. Anyone that doesn't know Tintin? Tintin was created by Belgian artist Georges Remi and you will find him while walking in Brussels in shops, graffitis and is also present in a big mural in the gare du midi train station.

We said that also Art plays and important part in Brussels it has a well deserved fame with more than 200 art nouveau protected buildings.Victor Horta is one of the star architects in the city along with Cauchie, Blérot and Hankar among others. There is aVictor Horta Museum that is located in the architect's private house and still has most of the original when it was built from strcuture , the interior decoration has largely been retained such as the original door handles.

We were on a tight schedule but we managed to pass by the Museum of musical instruments (MIM), a gorgeous modernist/neoclassical building that is located where was the ancient Old England luxury department st at torehe beginning of XX, it was very famous among the rich. The museum has more than 1500 instruments, we just saw it on the outside but we were recommended to eat on the top at the restaurant on the last floor that has great views of the city and good food. I already have some excuses to be back soon.


Le Grand place is one of the must see places in Brussels with buildings dating from 17th century. You can find in the place the city hall and the Breadhouse that contains the museum of the city of Brussels, there are also old crafts houses all around and the place is in the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Another must see is the St Hubert Galleries and they are very near the Grand Place, they are home of luxury brands, chocolateries and also restaurants. My recommendation is to find a day to have breakfast at Mokafe affigem in the galleries, they do amazing wafles sucré and cerise crêpes.

We had the 24h Brussels Card, it was useful to get into different museums and there are also discounts associated on tours, tourist attractions and in shops and restaurants. We choose to visit the Magritte Museum, I have always liked his paintings so it was a good opportunity to see my favorite of his: personal values, it is a bedroom filled with personal objects like a comb, wineglass, a bar of soap etc... I always thought he included this personal objects in the painting in a disproportion so it fills up the room so the viewers rethink their thoughts about the importance of their belongings.


Brussels is very famous for the European Parliament, unfortunately we didnt get a chance to see it. We went to visit the Atomium instead, it is a bit far away from the center but it is interesting to see it closer, you need to stop at Heyzel train station. The Atommium has 9 iron crystal balls and that structured was created in 1958 due to the Universal exposition and it was completely renovated in 2006.

There is the possibility to go up the top and in days with clear sky you can even see Mechelen's tower from the cathedral that is at a distance of 32km. In case you are interested very near the Attomium is mini Europe, very popular among families with kids, to visit all Europe in miniature in the same place.

Where to stay


We stayed in an appartment in Brussels by Only-apartments, that was inspired in New York so there were details all around about the city, perfect for travellers like us. The appartment had everything we needed, very modern design, newly renovated, perfect for 3 peoplewith a double bed and a single bed. I was very surprised with the kitchen it was very well equipped with all the supplies: dishwasher, mashing machine, microwave etc... It is a good option for families, long stays and also if you want all the advantages of having your own place. The price per night ranges from 80 euros to 130 euros per night, depending on the period, for there people is 40 euros per person per day aproximately.

The area around the appartment is Anderlecht, very near Midi train station, perfect to go and return from the aiport and move around Belgium if you wish to do day trips as we did, we went to Mechelen and Leuven. It is at 15 minutes walking distance from le Grand Place and Galleries Saint Hubert.

Disclaimer: Only-apartments and Visit Flanders have collaborated with to make this trip possible. As always the opinion is my own.


Tournicotee commented about 4 years

Nice inspirational list for a bachelorette party in Brussels :) I would also add these links for more fun activities: - a spa a bit outside Brussels but worth paying for the taxi it's si nice! - a super nice chocolate walk / tasting initiation! Friendly atmosphere and delicious :p - for a nice brunch on sunday :) Nice decoration, good food! Book in advance as always full :)

Meritxell commented about 4 years in response to Tournicotee

Thank you for the tips! I am glad you liked our bachelorette party in Brussels

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