When being in London visiting I discovered bubble tea in Nothing Hill, I have never heard about it before. Bubble tea is the name given to refreshing flavored fruit teas and milk teas as well served with ice cold or chewy tapioca balls.

Those chewy tapioca balls are on your bubble tea and you suck them up with a big straw the same size of the balls. It's kind of and snack drink as you are drinking and eating the balls at the same time. I tried a milky coconut pearl tea , white looking with brownish tapioca balls. I am not a particular fan of chewy things although I love tea, the tapioca balls were not my favorite thing. But if you like tapioca it might be for you!

Bubble Tea comes from Taiwan and started in 1980's, this new thing spread all over Asia easily, and then to the rest of the world. Bubble tea is a science, there are some strict rules of preparation more steps from biology science than usual tea making.

The shops of bubbleology are very nice, colourful and nice design. You have a wide variety of teas, you can have a base of green, black, red or white tea our fruit teas, they offer milk shakes as well.

Bubbleology shops are now in London, there are three around. Check it out!

If you haven't tried bubble tea, what are you waiting for! A new experience is out there!

Bubble tea: coconut milk

Bubble tea: coconut milk