Budgeting is a harsh task when you are not sure of the costs in a country you have never been in. There are loads of things to take into account and it is not always easy to keep on what you first thought as new things that you did not think about arise.

I wanted to share our budget for Thailand this year 2013, what we booked already and our costs on accommodation, transport and others that we have already before going. Check out as well ourTravel Preparation for Thailand.

You can check out our budget, still in development as we are adding things as we go along, but you can see almost all previous expenses to travelling and also everything we booked in advanced already: accommodation, flights, courses etc..

This is our Thailand route so you can see the route that we have planned.

When we starting thinking about Thailand I tried to look for budgets on the internet, how much it cost a holiday in Thailand for two, Thailand 2013 budget and so many more combinations. I found all data out of date, prices have gone up, and also none of the budgets I found were on our kind of travel. So there I was doing my own budget and I wanted to share it with you.

What kind of budget?, not everyone has the same resources or needs. We are a couple under our 30's, we look for nice but cheap accommodation, with double beds, wifi and good locations. Transport by plane if cheap and possible, also other means of transport trains, buses and underground to move around.

We are the DYI type, we plan our route, look for what we want to see and go for it. We also book sometimes activities if it is something interesting and adds value. In Thailand we have booked a Thai cooking course for a day, we like cooking and we will probably be doing some prepared excursions around the cities we visit, elephant riding and snorkelling for Roger (I am not on this stuff, frying on the beach is good enough for me).

Check out our complete budget in our Excel sheet in our Thailand Budget 2013. I have split our expenses so you can see th graphic below shows the totals for 1 person per item, you can see the values in the excel sheet.


Our normal budget for European cities to sleep a night is between 50 and 70 euros as an average. For Thailand we agreed between 20 and 25 euros per night per room is the average we are looking for. This narrows our options to local hotel between 3 and 4 stars, guest houses and hotels.

We like nice places with a touch, not posh but we like good stuff and quality for the price we pay. We don't mind to staying in a basic hotel or hostel but with comfy beds and all we need. We are not the backpacker type at all, so don't look for us in a 14-bed dorm. We always look for private double rooms and we prefer an ensuite bathroom. See below the total accommodation budget for us, how much is every destination from our total budget. See everything on our Thailand Budget 2013.



See where we booked for our Accommodation: We have not yet went, you will find all reviews after our trip.

  • Accommodation in Bangkok: Rambuttri Village, Pada Madi Bangkok, Hisukhumvit.
  • Accommodation in Chiang Mai: Finlays Cottage.
  • Accommodation in Koh Samed: Samed Villa


We will be using public transport to go around, some tuk-tuks and we have only booked one national flight to go to Chiang Mai. You can see all transport we have booked so far: out flight from Spain to Bangkok return, and due to the offer we got to the flight we needed to buy transport from Barcelona to Madrid and also from frankfurt to Barcelona on our return.


We are not planning major expenses on activities, but we have some things we would like to do such as Thai cooking class that we have already booked, Roger wants to do some snorkel in Koh Samet and a thai massage is compulsory of course in this country.

Possibly we will do an excursion to the golden triangle once in Chiang Mai, but we shall see when we are there and we will decide what we do and how much time we have left.


Bethaney - Flashpacker Family commented about 7 years

As a family of three, staying in nice, Flashpacker accommodation... we spent between 65 and 100 Euros a day in Thailand all up. Have a look at New Siam Riverside in Bangkok. It's a nice hotel in a great location.

Meritxell commented about 7 years in response to Bethaney - Flashpacker Family

Thanks for the tip. We think that around 50 per day all included should be ok for the two of us, of course depending on the activities we do and all..But more or less.

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