I went on a day trip to Rupit and we went to have lunch to a little town called Cantonigròs to a restaurant called Ca L'Ignasi. The restaurant is in a beautiful house made of stone in Carrer Major, num. 4 in the main street.

You can choose to have your meal indoors or outdoors as they also have a nice garden outside with some tables, so it is a good choice if you can enjoy good weather when you go.

The restaurant is owned by Laia who is in charge of the restaurant and Ignasi who is the cook. Ignasi has years of experience in the kitchen and passion to what he does, you can tell in every single bite. They have a great variety of dishes, and there are always new things to discover but with one thing in common, the traditional Catalan cuisine with this modern touch. Always looking for the best ingredients and following the natural calendar of vegetables and fruits, they are true believers ok km0 -products nearby- and the quality of them.

Average price per person is around 40 euros, it also depends a lot on what you order, high quality of ingredients and very natural cuisine when you taste the dishes you can tell that all is handmade in a very traditional way, they make their own bread as well that they serve with some llonganisa (type of dry sausage, cured meat).

We had an amazing lunch there and we will be back for sure. Let me take you around our dish choices:


Octopus Salad: this a copy of the classic "pulpo a feira", typical from Galicia but converted into a cold salad. We are octopus lovers in our house so we had to try it out.

Tomato soup: a classic that goes along raw cod and olives to make a true Mediterranean style tomato soup.

Potato cake with botifarra (catalan type of sausage): that one was a discovery, a version of a traditional dish called "patates enmascarades" that is mash potato with black sausage, but this time in a cake shape and with botifarra.




Main dish:

Rice with mushrooms and artichokes: I am a rice lover, I can't help it and I wait for mushrooms all year long until autumn comes, I will eat them alone, with rice, with veggies with anything actually. We have dozens of mushroom varieties, we call them "bolets" in Catalan.

Spinach and cod cannelloni: a spinach cannelloni is a typical vegetarian choice but not with cod, the creamy texture of the cod and the spinach give the pasta along with the bechamel a great taste.

Cod from Iceland: tender and done but not dry at all, doing the cod well is not an easy thing since it is a dry fish and salt is also the key and this one was just perfect.


I highly recommend it and it is very near Rupit so you will have an authentic day in central Catalonia, we enjoyed our meal and we look forward to come back very soon! Thank you Ignasi and Laia! The average price per person: 30-40 euros.

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